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"Town overrun by nightmare"

I just got a this message saying that my town was overrun by nightmares, but I don't get what up supposed to do. I've squashed all the monsters in my town, so I'm not sure if I'm missing something?

If you wait in one spot they'll come to you. It might be zombies, bunnies, snakes or skeletons you have to find, depends on who is telling the story. If they still don't come up try synch with friend screen.

Just checked and your town has skeletons.

Could also be a glitch and message was delayed...


  • trojanchick
    79 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    Thanks Nissa!
  • nissa762
    1950 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    No problem, just got enough monsters to check - your town is clear of the purple blobs.
  • Surfcitygal
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    edited October 2015
    My message seems to be delayed because I've been getting it AFTER I've already cleared numerous nightmares/terrors, though not completely all. There are other lags in my game as well, especially when clearing the campfire (too many kids for it to handle?).
  • edited October 2015
    Yeah, I got one just after clearing a metric buttload of zombies as well.
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