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holloween 2015 why so much hating?



  • Johnny2bd
    680 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    'How was your anniversary EA?'
    'Well, I ripped some flowers from the neighbors yard, came home, threw the flowers at her feet and told her I wanted sex after she was done cooking me dinner.'
    'You really went all out, I bet she was happy.'
    'No, she's had nothing but an attitude since.'
    'Really?! Flowers, dinner, and romance and she's still not happy?!'
    'I know, right?!'
    'There's no pleasing some people...'
  • kingmob31838
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    edited November 2015
    Not usually a hater, but prizes were pretty rubbish. Crafting stages got old within 10mins due to how easy it is to get all the elements.

    Know I'm in the minority, but I really miss the wheel. Added some excitement.

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