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Final thoughts on 2015 Halloween event

I thought this event rocked!

In fact i may make a thread about it with pictures documenting why i liked it.

I give it an A!


  • bluntcard
    4147 posts Member
    edited November 2015

    I feel like we missed Halloween this year.
    The event was nice, but it wasn't a Halloween event.
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • anaquarind
    1496 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    I was overall pretty happy with the event. The concept was good, though the content was a bit repetitive. But I'm quite superficial in the sense that my opinion is heavily biased depending on how many free donuts I get, and in terms of free donuts/effort ratio, this one has been quite good.

    Having said that, I'm glad the event is ending so that I can free up my pool of child labour to toil full-time in my railyards!
    I like routine!
  • tappedout1996
    3045 posts
    edited November 2015
    As freemium tapper I got Kodos and the UBO (didn't get it last year) for free this year which was great from a personal viewpoint but the lack of new characters and two-task skins are a big disappointment. 7/10.
  • BrideOfFrank35
    244 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey goodbye
  • TwigletStyx
    1043 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey goodbye

    Lately It Occurs To Me... What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been.
  • 0r3ganPoop
    57 posts
    edited November 2015
    I thought this event was okay.

    The Kirk and Luanne skins were pretty good (although I like Luanne's "Ride in the Megaglobe" task more than anything her squirrel skin offers)

    The Kodos and Kang skins were great too, as well as all the Spooky Walls you're able to craft for free.

    I thought the prizes weren't that great, and I also thought the event dragged on way too long.

    I'm hoping for a better Christmas event! We shall see
  • michome1
    37 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    Thanks for the replies and I agree with everything but that would have been a long drawn out read that most of us shy away from. Heres to better events.....
  • gv6genji
    14 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    Nice, but way too long! I am SO over Halloween now!
  • HillyBillyOli
    1422 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    It was crap and lasted too long. 1/10 from me.
  • pizzapizza861
    20 posts
    edited November 2015
    It went on way to long and didn't feel like a Halloween event. The only good thing was the 20 donuts a week for the shopkeepers task. If it wasn't for that I'd probably of said this was the worst event ever.
    I was able to craft Kodos which was cool but all of the other crafting stuff was lame and there was nothing good to buy. I'd rather of had a new character then skins you need to pay donuts for.

    The worst part was how glitchy the game was.
  • organizmx66
    515 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    I liked it...thought it was just fine. I will admit that I've been ready for it to be done now for a few days, but I like all the new stuff added and it was pretty fun. :mrgreen:
  • jaimie1177
    9 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    I liked it but it lasted kind of long. When does Christmas start? Is there a Thanksgiving one?
  • RichardJH11
    213 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    Wayyyyy too long and boring. It should have ended two weeks ago or at least one week ago at the very latest. This would have been better if it was two acts and ended on Nov 3.

  • plainsarajane
    53 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    It was like mediocre fan fiction of your favorite sci-fi show.
  • HappyDave0228
    9 posts
    edited November 2015
    I did end up doubling(150% to 300%) my multiplier thanks to the wailing walls. If only the 3rd Act was the same as the first 2 I would have probably gotten my multiplier up to 500. And the donuts were nice as well.
  • Laggin Potato
    5 posts
    edited November 2015
    Worst event ever. No doubt. The worst part was we got NO new characters and most of the prizes were meh and not from classic episodes.
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