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Still no update!

Try going to Google play site and updating or reinstall


  • Awaitingkay
    8 posts Member
    edited December 2015
    I've tired that, the app has completely disappeared from both the Google Play app search and my list of apps I have installed haha yet I can still play even though It seem it does not exist :shock:

    Seems like my Google Play is having a malfunction! :lol:

    Thanks for your help! :thumbup:
  • DutchTapper
    131 posts
    edited December 2015
    I've heard that some devices are not compatible with this update.
    Otherwise I don't know.
  • billdoors1533
    303 posts Member
    edited December 2015
    Have you got auto update on? The only other thing I can think of is switch off your device completely then switch back on and clear your cache.
  • MDPennock
    48 posts Member
    edited December 2015
    Go to the Google Play store in a browser.
    Log in as the same account as the device that wont see the update.
    View Tapped Out and it will tell you if your devices are compatible.

    To find this: Click on the text that may say "This app is compatible with some of your devices." (it may say not compatible depending on what devices you have linked to that account).

    Then you will get a list like this:


    Edit: If your device has become not compatible, make sure it is fully updated.
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