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How did you manage Act I?



  • artgirl09
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    Managed to get everything I wanted crafted including 2 ski chalets. Didn't bother with the clam sign. Upgraded snow/ginger completely. Got all the prizes and 1 round of bonuts. Bought the Burns skin and Victors. No feeder towns. :mrgreen::mrgreen:
  • izabellatrix
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    Lee3472 wrote:
    I got everything done in act one plus one round of bonus donuts, with 2 or 3 days left over.

    It was easy enough, I find it easy enough to take my cell phone out every 4 hours or so to check my town. I even missed a day because I was doing Ned's 24 hour task from the ski lift the same day I finished the snowman, so I had to wait to start the gingerbread house questline.

    What stops everyone from being able to take out their phone? If work has a policy against it make a quick bathroom trip or smoke and lunch breaks, start when u wake up, hit it up again at lunch, and again after work and you can easily finish.

    What if there's no Wi-Fi or phone signal at work? What if I was a miner, deep underground for 10 hours? (I'm not) but it bothers me when people assume they know all about everybody else's work conditions :-)

    Yep, I can play when I first wake up, and when I get home from work, I have a smaller iPhone (16gb) and there's not enough room on my iPhone for TSTO to be installed (and yes I've deleted so much but the apps I need on my phone for work are large and are kinda more important), so my iPad is the only option, also I'm a doctor, kinda poor bed side manner if I was to say to a patient, hold on I have to check my Springfield real quick, I'll take care of that pain just as soon as I have Homer look up the word exotic. And what are bathroom breaks exactly? Let's pretend I stop that long to pee, I'm not carrying my iPad in there with me, and at lunch I'm usually typing patient notes between bites, must be nice to get a lunch "break". But I tear it up on the weekends!

    I did not get to the end of act 1, I unlocked the dancing rain deer, and I too was caught off guard by loosing the craft items. I missed the ski chalet because I wasn't expecting it to leave! But now I kinda want the Epcot or the frozen Simpsons on the couch so I'm good with it.

    That being said I love my Simpsons town, it completely blows my mind how some people have "feeder" towns as well, first I had to figure out what that even was, then my next thought was how do they have time for that?!? I've been playing close to daily for over two years and I'm almost to the ending of the levels but I realize I play a lot less often than most people on here.

    Some of you guys seem upset with me, I thought I was posting helpful advice while asking what stopped people. I guess I could have worded it better. Couple things here, I'm a truck driver, my "lunch break" generally consists of eating a sandwich while operating a split ten shift in NYC gridlock. I'm unsure of your questioning a bathroom break, are you telling me the hospital or practice you work for thinks you never have to go number two, there is more than adequate tap time while having a healthy bowel movement ?

    Honest question, you're a doctor and can't afford a bigger SD card or newer phone, or even a secondary non work phone, to that I would say darn you really need a raise for your work! I usually give away my old phone every other year when using my upgrade and if your on a plan like that you can keep the spare phone unactivated and still run apps over wifi. I would understand why you can't pull out and play a video game while helping a patient, but I do not believe that you have zero downtime, I know you guys tend to work long hours and are very busy but I can not think you are unable to peel away for the 5 minutes it takes to clear out the town at least once during a shift.

    Anyway best of luck in act 2 and thanks for being a doctor and helping people.
    Well first of all, Jenny doesn't seem that upset that she was unable to complete Act 1 anyway. Second of all, maybe she's got 3 kids in collage or something. Or maybe she just doesn't want to buy a new phone just to play a game. It's not very polite to question why someone doesn't own or can't afford a more expensive device...

    At any rate, I'd rather not have my doctor wasting time playing Tapped Out anyway...
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  • Raven_Darkstorm
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    edited December 2015
    I could have crafted everything. But because every event there ever has been with crafting all stuff was available the whole event so I was going to craft all the optional stuff at the end so as to be sure I had the amounts for the critical portions of the event. Such as the craft this occurrences. I think it was humbug of EA to have removed the items contrary to their established design history. Unless they let us craft that stuff before the event ends they have lost me as a paying customer.
  • gkenne17
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    edited December 2015
    I got everything except upgrading the gingerbread house as it was not made clear that this was a limit to when we can upgrade, which I am incredibly angry about! I got all 5 personal prizes and I crafted the items I wanted - I have been playing for 3 years so there were items I didn't need/want. I'm just so. Annoyed about the mansion - I'm not bothered that the upgrades were limited time, I'm bothered that I wasn't informed that they were limited time! Like the disappearing crafting prizes I am annoyed due to being misled by EA - at no point did they say that the mansion Upgrades were limited to act 1!
  • pbpandapuffs
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    edited December 2015
    I was surprised I made it, actually, it was pretty close. I check a lot, but no feeder town and I think I only rushed something once, to get another task started before bed. I also wasn't getting as many hats from neighbors as we were supposedly able to get, only got them for the first 15-20 towns. But finished with about 8 hours to spare, no bonuts. Skipped the clam sign and barely got the Ski Chalet, which is all I really wanted. I was one bow short until a few hours before the end :shock:
  • jellypawn
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    edited December 2015
    I managed to get the orphans at 7:39 (act 2 started at 8am..) was unbevilabely close. was on like 20000 with 2 days left lol.

    didn't get hte sky lodge, which really nanyoed my as i thought it'd be there into act 2, and i was REALLY CLOSE, like 20 blue things away.
  • Anakso
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    edited December 2015
    I managed to get everything with Santa hats, was very close to the first 4k bonus donut thing too and I started a few days late so there was plenty of leeway for Act 1. No feeder town not that one really helps at all for this event (I have plenty of ribbon/bow things, it's baubles I'm lacking)

    I would have had enough resources to craft everything but was saving them to see what Act 2 and 3 had, luckily I was only saving crafting the smaller things so I only missed out on Santas Little helper which I already have anyway from a previous xmas event but would have liked another. Crafted marge for the daily challenge or I'd have missed out on her too.

  • nedimaz
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    edited December 2015
    Edit: aaargh, nevermind wrong thread.

    While I'm already at it, just to say I finished Act I without problems, with one round of bonuts. (but I play frequently). had enough crafting materials to buy one of everything.
  • kandycanada
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    edited December 2015
    I got the Ski Chalet, so I'm happy about my Crafting level. (I have 2 games, so that helps)

    I didn't get the Gingerbread house to level 5, as I ran out of time. I figured I would be able to complete the last task, but for money, not event currency. Also, I can't change the skin, as it were and weirdly, I can't store it. (And I would like to store it, as I am kind of limited in my available space right now!) So I'm kind of unhappy about that. Not that it's ruined my game or anything. (Did anyone else not fully upgrade this?)

    I also didn't make it to the Orphan kids, but I ain't mad about that. Got them in my A game, but I honestly think I might end up storing them after I finish their Storyline.

    This game is my second game, so I tend to not check in as much as my A game. I got the orphans with about 2.5 days to spare in my A game, so I know there was enough time to complete it. Likely going to try harder for CBG skin in this act.
  • Tulumos
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    edited December 2015
    I'v done all the main stuff, just didnt create ice sculptures and a sign on a wheel. At the end i was 2000 into bonus round but didnt force it. Act 2 started somewhat slowly.
  • krysface
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    edited December 2015
    I got everything I wanted. I got all the prizes and crafted everything but the clam sign but I could have crafted it, I just didn't care for it.
  • InspctHerGajet
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    edited December 2015
    What is the Gingerbread mansion? I must have simply missed that one. I have the Gingerbread house, with the witch. Was this item upgradeable during Act 1? Now that we are in Act 2, did I completely miss out on it?

    Pics would be nice if possible.
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