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Burn's Casino ***WALKTHROUGH***

The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 1

Auto starts

If the user is at or above Level 40: Quimby: With additional land now available along the side of town, it's time for us to make a decision.
Quimby: Good news! The EPA has shut down the toxic waste dump at the edge of town.
Quimby: We can do whatever we want with the chemical-filled wasteland. Ideas?
Skinner: Build an after-school center for disadvantaged kids.
Grampa: A river-walk beside the sludge sloughs!
Lenny: A kitten sanctuary!
Homer: A toxic waste dump!

Task: Make Springfielders Discuss a Building Plan [x4]
Time: 6s
Location: Town Hall or Brown House

The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 2

Auto starts

Quimby: This open and democratic discussion of the town's future is getting us nowhere.
Quimby: It's time to let a wealthy businessman tell us what he plans to do.
Mr. Burns: What this town needs is more fun and games.
Mr. Burns: And the most fun kind of games are gaming games.
Mr. Burns: I shall build a “Center for Gaming,” accompanied by rooms for sleeping and tables for eating and drinking.
Ned: He means a casino!
Mr. Burns: Oh, is that what it's called?
Marge: I'm afraid we'll have to say no, Mr. Burns. Springfield is a family town.
Homer: That's right. We're not a swanky gambling town, like Laughlin, Nevada.
Mr. Burns: What if I guaranteed one free drink?
Homer: Woo hoo! Free drink!

<a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/burnscasino_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102614"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/burnscasino_menu.png?w=145&quot; /></a>
Task: Build Burns' Casino
Task: Make Adults Get a Free Drink [x4]
Time: 6s
Location: Burns' Casino

The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 3

Cletus starts

Moe: I'm tired of standing behind a bar.
Moe: I'm gonna get a job in the casino and stand behind a blackjack table.
Cletus: There's jobs at the craps table too, if you is highly educated.
Cletus: You have to be able to add up to 12.
Moe: What about you, Homer? You gonna get a job and move on up like the rest of us?
Homer: Can't talk. Buffet.

If the user has Moe: Task: Make Moe Apply for Work
Task: Make Cletus Apply for Work
Task: Make Homer Sample the Buffet
Time: 6s
Location: Burns' Casino
Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 4

Mr. Burns starts

Moe: Getting a job at this casino was a great career move.
Moe: I've learned so much more about getting money out of drunks.
Moe: I think I'll open my own slots joint, if that's okay with you, Mr. Burns.
Mr. Burns: Perfect! Let's make Springfield a gambling Mecca.
Mr. Burns: Maybe you can give *me* a job, and I'll steal towels from *your* bathroom.
Moe: There won't be no towels.

<a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/moeslotsmoemoney_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102708"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/moeslotsmoemoney_menu.png?w=123&quot; /></a>
Task: Build Gaming Moe's
Reward: 1 Casino Token, 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 5

Homer starts

Homer: Eh, what's this funny looking token?
Homer: It says “Use Token To Play Casino Games.”
Bart: So the token is like real money, except it doesn't have pictures of old losers on it.
Homer: It's virtually a currency!
System Message: Use tokens to play casino games. Watch out for chances to cheat. We're on your side - trust us!
<a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-burns-casino-use-tokens.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102890"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-burns-casino-use-tokens.png?w=150&quot; /></a>

<a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/burns-casino-gaming-moes-guide.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102865"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/burns-casino-gaming-moes-guide.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
Task: Play a Game of Slots
Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 6

Homer starts

Homer: Hey, you. Don't leave the casino! You might feel sunlight on your neck or have to breathe non-smoke-filled air.
Gambler: It's eight AM. I've been gambling all night.
Homer: But morning is the luckiest time of the day. A lot of times, bacon shows up.
Marge: It doesn't just “show up.” I cook it by the metric ton!
Gambler: Look, I want to keep gambling, but I think my wife might be giving birth right now.
Homer: Then start your kid off right in life, by putting all your savings on black.
System Message: Tap gamblers to send them back to the Casino and earn rewards.
<a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-burns-casino-tap-gamblers.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102889"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-burns-casino-tap-gamblers.png?w=150&quot; /></a>

Task: Tap 10 Gamblers
Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 7

Auto starts

Quimby: Casino gaming: another successful initiative by Diamond Joe Quimby.
Quimby: Bringing my career record to 3 successes and 207 utter disasters.
Kirk: We haven't seen so many jobs created here since the Feds built that dam in the Depression.
Bart: Is that the dam that burst in 1976 and destroyed downtown?
Quimby: Focus on the positive. It also wiped out Shelbyville.
System Message: What's a gambling Mecca without high rollers? Get the Rich Texan and add some gun-shooting class to this event.

Task: Make Springfielders Visit the Casino [x4]
Time: 4h
Location: Burns' Casino
Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 8

Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: Smithers, it's wonderful that at my time of life, I have a chance to give back to the community…
Mr. Burns: By addicting them to gambling.
Smithers: You're maybe too generous, sir.
Smithers: The dealers cheat to help the players, the buffet is “All-you-can-carry-away-in-bag…”
Smithers: And you give white tiger cubs to anyone who visits on their birthday.
Mr. Burns: Yes, I need an army of tiger poachers, but birthdays are special.
Smithers: Sir, you've done something unheard of: created a casino that loses money.

Task: Make Burns Feel Good About Himself
If the user has Smithers: Task: Make Smithers Worry About Money
Time: 8h
Location: Burns' Casino
Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 9

Marge starts

Marge: I wish everyone wasn't so excited about organized gambling.
Homer: Admit it, Marge. You don't like it when people have fun.
Marge: That's because fun equals dangerous.
Marge: Even the most fun thing in the world: knitting. I've poked myself so many times.
Marge: I'm going to do the one thing that's fun *and* safe.
Marge: Worry.

Task: Make Marge Worry About the Casino
Time: 12h
Location: Simpson House
Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 10

Homer starts

Homer: ‘Night, Marge. I'm headed to the casino.
Marge: Mmm. You know I like it better when you leave me alone with the children by going to Moe's.
Homer: But the casino never makes me feel bad about being there! At Moe's even the cockroaches are judgmental.
Marge: It's almost as if Mr. Burns set out to convince us to support legalized gambling no matter what.
Marge: But that's silly. Wealthy businessmen never have a hidden agenda. Otherwise I wouldn't be voting for Donald Trump.
Homer: Agreed, Marge. Let's all be distracted by fun games while rich people control our future.
System Message: Keep gambling until March 3rd when the next casino expansion becomes available!
<a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-burns-casino-keep-gambling-message.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102891"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-burns-casino-keep-gambling-message.png?w=150&quot; /></a>

Task: Make Homer Surrender Control of America
Time: 12h
Location: Burns' Casino
Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP
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  • LPNintendoITA
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    The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 11

    After the user logs in on March 3rd
    Cletus starts

    Cletus: I've decided to succeed in the tradition of hillbilly trash - by opening a sinful den of dice play.
    Mr. Burns: Wonderful! Let's build a whole casino strip. More fun for every lout.
    Cletus: I may go to hell for gambling, but I will give my children a better life.
    Cletus: They'll go to hell for smarty-pants investment fraud.

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/cletusdiceden_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102619"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/cletusdiceden_menu.png?w=140&quot; /></a>
    Task: Build Cletus's Dice Den
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    Dice with the Devil

    Cletus starts

    Cletus: Come one, come all, to the greatest show on Earth!
    Cletus: I gots bearded ladies, a goat-headed man, and more pinheads than you've ever seen.
    Bart: I thought you were opening a dice game, not a carnival sideshow.
    Cletus: I am. All my kinfolk is visiting to support me.
    Cletus: Now, let's play some dice!
    System Message: Story continues with the start of the next prize track!
    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-casino-story-continues.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-103277"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-casino-story-continues.png?w=150&quot; /></a>

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-casino-cletus-dice-den-guide.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-103274"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-casino-cletus-dice-den-guide.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
    Task: Play a Game of Dice
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP<hr/>Have a Vice Day Pt. 1

    After the user logs in on March 7th
    Auto starts

    Smithers: Attention Burns Casino patrons. As of today, red chips will no longer be used.
    Smithers: We are switching to green chips, as part of BurnsCo's drive to become more ”Green.”
    Smithers: Also, when mixed with sweat the red dye on the old chips becomes a potent carcinogen.

    Task: Make Burns Go More Green
    Time: 8h
    Location: Burns' Casino
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    Have a Vice Day Pt. 2

    Mr. Burns starts

    Mr. Burns: So many decorations and businesses are opening up around my casino. It's becoming quite a little “Vice-ville.”
    Mr. Burns: A delightful locale for citizens to enjoy all the forbidden pleasures.
    Mr. Burns: Gambling, drinking, baiting bears...
    Lisa: What's fun about tormenting a living creature?
    Mr. Burns: Don't knock it 'til you try it. Smithers! Hop around like a kangaroo until I'm amused.
    Smithers: Yes sir.
    Mr. Burns: See Lisa? Fun!

    Task: Make Skinner Drink Absinthe
    Task: Make Krusty Watch a Sexy Floor Show
    Task: Make Comic Book Guy Gorge on Whale Sushi
    Time: 4h
    Location: Burns' Casino
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    Have a Vice Day Pt. 3

    Lisa starts

    Lisa: There's something weird about Mr. Burns and his “Vice-ville.”
    Homer: Lisa, can't an old man share what he loves: losing money on a casino?
    Lisa: Exactly. Why would he do that? He's hiding something, and everyone who is against gambling needs to figure out what.
    Lisa: Let's go, Mom.
    Marge: With you in a minute. I'm trying absinthe.
    Marge: It's pretty good.
    Marge: Really good.
    Marge: With you in a minute, Lisa. I'm talking to Mr. Toulouse-Lautrec.
    Marge: Why yes, Mr. Lautrec, I *will* show you my ankles.

    Task: Make Marge Hallucinate on Absinthe
    Task: Make Lisa Snoop Around
    Time: 8h
    Location: Burns' Casino
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    Have a Vice Day Pt. 4

    Homer starts

    Homer: Um, excuse me, Mr. Casino Owner? For years I've worshipped you from afar.
    Homer: Now, I ask a favor. Can I come work for you?
    Mr. Burns: You seem like a fine fellow. But you've never worked for me before?
    Homer: I don't think so.
    Mr. Burns: No, I don't think so either.
    Smithers: Oh for heaven's sake, you've both known each other for years.
    Homer: That doesn't sound right.
    Mr. Burns: No, it really doesn't.

    Task: Make Burns Consider Hiring Homer
    Task: Make Homer Not Recognize Mr. Burns
    Time: 8h
    Location: Burns' Casino

    Mr. Burns: Well Simpson, now that I've remembered who you are, I'm afraid there's no job at my casino for a man so witless and incompetent.
    Mr. Burns: So get back to work at my nuclear plant!
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    Have a Vice Day Pt. 5

    Homer starts

    Lance Murdock: Say, Homer, which way to the stage? I'm doing a show!
    Homer: I don't know, Lance. I'm not allowed to work here.
    Mr. Burns: Wait a moment. You know this celebrity? I'm impressed!
    Homer: I know an implausibly large number of celebrities.
    Mr. Burns: Then you have the perfect qualifications to be my new Entertainment Coordinator!
    Mr. Burns: Smithers, hire this man, and fire the old coordinator.
    Gil: But I was just about to bring in a really great trick poodle act!
    Gil: One poodle. Belongs to my wife. It sits up and begs. Most of the time.
    System Message: Check out Princess Kashmir and the Florence of Arabia club and see what other kinds of entertainment Homer cooks up!

    Task: Make Homer Interview More Entertainers
    If the user has Lance Murdock: Task: Make Lance Murdock Do Stunts in the Cafeteria
    Time: 4h
    Location: Burns' Casino
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    Have a Vice Day Pt. 6

    Krusty starts

    Krusty: Homer, you gotta hire me for the casino -- it's the sweetest job there is.
    Krusty: I mean, look at Carrot Top. He got a gig at the Luxor and now he just phones it in all day to drunk tourists.
    Homer: Sir, Carrot Top is my favorite performer. The way he smashes watermelons is sublime.
    Krusty: You're thinking of Gallagher.
    Homer: Comedy snob, huh? You're hired!

    Task: Make Krusty Entertain Gamblers with Terrible Impressions
    Time: 12h
    Location: Burns' Casino
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    Have a Vice Day Pt. 7

    Lisa starts

    Lisa: Milhouse, I have to get inside that casino if I'm ever going to find out what Mr. Burns is up to.
    Milhouse: But children aren't allowed in there. If we want to gamble we have to lie about our age online.
    Lisa: Hey, Dad... can I have a “Take Your Kid To Work” Day?
    Homer: Are you planning to cause trouble? You've never ask for Take Your Kid to Work days at the power plant.
    Lisa: Um... me environmentalist. Nuclear bad. Me support Native Americans, they like casinos, casinos good...
    Homer: Convincing. Utterly convincing.

    Task: Make Lisa Investigate Inside the Casino
    Time: 8h
    Location: Burns' Casino
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    Have a Vice Day Pt. 8

    Marge starts

    Marge: I'm really worried about gambling fever taking over the town. How will this affect our bake sales, for example?
    Marge: It's time to save our bake sales with an organization to cure this terrible addiction.
    Marge: I got the idea from spending time in AA.
    Marge: Absinthe Anonymous.
    Skinner: Although Absinthe Anonymous is more about hanging out and sharing our love of absinthe.

    Task: Make Marge Start "Gambling Anonymous"
    Time: 8h
    Location: Simpson House
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    Have a Vice Day Pt. 9

    Lisa starts

    Lisa: Apu, you also run the casino gift shop? Boy, you must really enjoy selling cigarettes and aspirin.
    Apu: It's a terrible job. Mr. Burns has explicitly forbidden me to gouge!
    Apu: He wants people to leave richer than they entered.
    Lisa: But why? What is the secret behind Vice-ville?
    Apu: Sshhh -- come into the back room.
    Apu: I have one word for you: power.
    Lisa: Power! Mr. Burns wants to rule Springfield!
    Apu: No. It's dark here in the back room, so flip the switch and give the lights power.
    Lisa: Fine. Lights on.
    Apu: Great. Anyway, now I have one word for you: power.
    Lisa: Okay, like I just said, Mr. Burns wants to take control of Springfield.
    Apu: No, that is NOT what I mean. The secret behind this casino is-
    Apu: -AARGHH!
    Lisa: Oh no! Someone shot Apu just as he was about to reveal the truth. This IS a conspiracy.
    Snake: Actually, this is just a robbery. Did I interrupt something?
    System Message: He did! Keep gambling until March 13th for the conclusion of this story.
    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/tsto-casino-act-2-end-message-1.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-103397"><img class="alignnone wp-image-103397 size-thumbnail" src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/tsto-casino-act-2-end-message-1.png?w=150&quot; alt="TSTO Casino Act 2 End Message 1" width="150" height="49" /></a>
    System Message: Will it be exciting? You bet! Meanwhile... You, bet.
    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/tsto-casino-act-2-end-message-2.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-103398"><img class="alignnone wp-image-103398 size-thumbnail" src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/tsto-casino-act-2-end-message-2.png?w=150&quot; alt="TSTO Casino Act 2 End Message 2" width="150" height="49" /></a>

    Task: Make Apu Bleed Out in the Gift Shop
    Time: 24h
    Location: Burns' Casino
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  • LPNintendoITA
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    Have a Vice Day Pt. 10

    After the user logs in on March 13th
    Mr. Burns starts

    Mr. Burns: Homer, you've been a fantastic entertainment coordinator.
    Mr. Burns: The people you've hired are good enough to add that Las Vegas feeling, but crappy enough not to distract the gamblers.
    Mr. Burns: As a reward, I'm giving you your own game to run.
    Homer: Thank you, sir!
    Homer: I was proud of hiring the clown.
    Mr. Burns: Yes, he really amped up the crappy.

    Task: Build Homer's House of Cards
    Task: Make Homer Deal Cards
    Time: 1h
    Location: Homer's House of Cards
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    Stacking the Deck

    Homer starts

    Homer: I finally get to run my own casino game!
    Homer: Waitress! Bring me a free cocktail.
    Lenny: Homer, the dealer is supposed to stay sober.
    Homer: Yeah, but this place is supposed to be fun.
    Homer: And there's nothing funner than a fat drunk trying to deal cards.
    System Message: Story continues with the start of the next prize track!
    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-casino-story-continues.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-103277"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-casino-story-continues.png?w=150&quot; /></a>

    Task: Play a Game of Cards
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP<hr/>The Wages of Sin Pt. 1

    After the user logs in on March 17th
    Auto starts

    Mr. Burns: The casino district is a triumph.
    Mr. Burns: Everywhere people are enjoying entertainment, spectacle, and games that aren't even that fun because they win so often.
    Ned: I never guessed this town could get worse.
    Ned: Of course, I always never-guess that and I'm always wrong.
    Mr. Burns: Yes, my little Vice-ville has become a veritable Sin Suburb.
    Mr. Burns: It's time to host an awards ceremony at my casino.
    Mr. Burns: I will produce the awards, judge them, and present the awards... to me, for my civic kindness.
    Mr. Burns: And maybe I'll give one to you, Smithers... “Best Assistant.”
    Smithers: I don't really want it.
    Mr. Burns: Good, because I'm giving it to me.

    Task: Make Burns Host an Awards Ceremony at Casino
    Time: 12h
    Location: Burns' Casino
    Task: Make Springfielders Attend [x5]
    Time: 12h
    Location: Burns' Casino
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    The Wages of Sin Pt. 2

    Bart starts

    Bart: So, Lis, made any progress figuring out why Burns would create a money-losing casino?
    Lisa: No. Apu was about to tell me when he got shot. The only word he managed to say was “power.”
    Bart: They'll get the bullet out of his brain, right?
    Homer: Oh yeah, he's getting great medical care. In India, where it's better and cheaper.
    Homer: In the meantime, he can't write or speak. All he can say is “Thank you, come again.”
    Marge: That's nice. Even without a brain, he'll always have a career at Kwik-E-Mart.
    Lisa: For his sake, I won't rest until I've solved the mystery of Burns' casino.
    Lisa: His sacrifice of getting shot by Jailbird in a gift shop hold-up will not be in vain.

    Task: Make Lisa Hold a Candle-Light Vigil
    Time: 8h
    Location: Simpson House
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    The Wages of Sin Pt. 3

    Ned starts

    Ned: All this gambling got me depressed, Marge. I barely had the energy to apply mustache pomade this morning.
    Ned: Used to be the highlight of my day. Now, who cares if the 'stache droops?
    Marge: Don't worry, Ned, I'm making great progress on starting Gamblers Anonymous.
    Marge: I came up with a 10 step program – 12 seemed a little pretentious...
    Marge: I'm knitting recovery chips.
    Marge: All I need to do now is find a space where we can meet.
    Marge: It's hard to find. This town is jammed with twelve step recovery programs.
    Homer: Lotta messed up people here. Lotta.
    Ned: Someone should start a Freemium Phone Game Anonymous.
    Homer: That they definitely shouldn't.

    Task: Make Marge Search for a Meeting Space
    Time: 12h
    Location: Simpson House
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    The Wages of Sin Pt. 4

    Marge starts

    Marge: Lisa, where have you been all day?
    Lisa: Down at city hall scouring old records.
    Marge: Trying to solve the mystery behind Mr. Burns building a money-losing casino?
    Lisa: Yeah. Although mostly I just like scouring old records.
    Marge: Well, we're both trying to solve the same problem. You by intense detective work, me by baking “Gambler's Anonymous” cookies.
    Bart: With you two on the job, I wouldn't want to be the people having a great time at the casino.
    System Message: Get Plato's Republic Casino and see how Fat Tony reacts to Mr. Burns crowding in on his business!

    Task: Make Skinner Gamble Without End
    Task: Make Krusty Perform Until He Bleeds
    Task: Make Willie Wear a Suit Made of Dollars
    Time: 4h
    Location: Burns' Casino
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    The Wages of Sin Pt. 5

    Milhouse starts

    Milhouse: What happened to our electricity? My misting humidifier is pumping out nothing!
    Lenny: The casino district is sucking up too much juice.
    Carl: The bright lights, the air conditioning, those giant fans you pretend you're skydiving over...
    Lenny: The nuclear plant can't handle the load.
    Lisa: Electricity... Electrical power... Power!
    Lisa: That's what Apu was trying to tell me. Don't you get it?
    Carl: Nope.
    Lenny: We'd listen to the explanation, but Princess Kashmir is starting another show.

    Task: Make Adults Enjoy an Exotic Dance [x3]
    Time: 8h
    Location: Burns' Casino
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    The Wages of Sin Pt. 6

    Lisa starts

    Lisa: It's so obvious. Mr. Burns created a casino district because it needs a giant amount of electricity.
    Lisa: He doesn't care if he loses money on his casino. He'll make a fortune selling power from the nuclear plant.
    Marge: So all this gambling and sin is just another way for him to get rich.
    Lisa: It's diabolical!
    Bart: How is it diabolical? He's making money giving people what they want.
    Marge: He's exploiting their weaknesses.
    Bart: Why do you get to decide what's right for them?
    Homer: Bart! What did I tell you about disagreeing with your mother on high moral principles?
    Bart: It makes her too mad to make your favorite gravy.
    Homer: Discussion over.

    Task: Make Marge Cook Gravy
    Task: Make Bart Read Libertarian Websites
    Time: 4h
    Location: Simpson House
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    The Wages of Sin Pt. 7

    Mr. Burns starts

    Smithers: Mr. Burns, your “Sin Suburb” is drawing power like crazy. The plant can't handle the load.
    Mr. Burns: We'll have to run at double capacity. Where are my workers?
    Smithers: They're gambling or working at your casino. Either way it pays double what the plant does.
    Smithers: The only employee available is Homer Simpson.
    Mr. Burns: Very well! The three of us will squeeze every erg out of this old lady.
    Smithers: But sir, do you know anything about operating a nuclear reactor?
    Mr. Burns: Pish, Smithers, I'm an old hand at the nuclear game. And I'm sure this Simpson fellow is a wizard.
    Mr. Burns: Bring me my hardened hat, and let's begin!

    Task: Make Homer do a Shift at the Plant
    Time: 16h
    Location: Control Building
    Task: Make Burns do a Shift at the Plant
    Time: 8h
    Location: Control Building
    Task: Make Smithers do a Shift at the Plant
    Time: 16h
    Location: Control Building
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    The Wages of Sin Pt. 8

    Mr. Burns starts

    Mr. Burns: Let's crank the plant up to full capacity, Simpson. This switch on or off?
    Homer: Not sure.
    Mr. Burns: Reactor rods up or down?
    Homer: Definitely.
    Mr. Burns: I'll go with my gut. It's just a nuclear reactor.
    Smithers: Sir, you doubled the voltage! You blew out all the lights downtown.
    Mr. Burns: Blast. We'll have to replace all the bulbs.
    Mr. Burns: Here's ten dollars. Go buy a stepladder.

    Task: Make Burns Almost Cause a Meltdown
    Time: 8h
    Location: Control Building
    Task: Make Homer Replace Bulbs
    Time: 12h
    Location: Homes
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    The Wages of Sin Pt. 9

    Mr. Burns starts

    Mr. Burns: Ugh. There must be some way to turn off these reactor alarms.
    Mr. Burns: They're so much more annoying when they're alarming at *you.*
    Mr. Burns: Well, it'll have to wait until after lunch.
    Mr. Burns: That's odd. My lunch is missing. I put it right here in the fridge.
    Mr. Burns: Where can it be?
    Homer: I ‘unno.

    Task: Make Homer Eat Burns' Lunch
    Task: Make Burns Go Hungry
    Time: 4h
    Location: Control Building
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    The Wages of Sin Pt. 10

    Mr. Burns starts

    Mr. Burns: Smithers, look! I've figured out what this handle does.
    Mr. Burns: Move it up and all the streetlights go on. Down, they go off.
    Mr. Burns: On, off, on, off... Whee, I'm a nuclear technician!
    Smithers: Sir, we have to get this plant under control. The city will revoke our license!
    Mr. Burns: But I'm a nuclear technician. I'm supposed to goof off and look at my Bathing Beauties magazine.
    Smithers: They certainly are lovely ladies. Of 1924.

    Task: Make Burns Enjoy Bathing Beauties
    Task: Make Homer Push Random Buttons
    If the user has Smithers: Task: Make Smithers Panic
    Time: 12h
    Location: Control Building
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    The Wages of Sin Pt. 11

    Comic Book Guy starts

    Comic Book Guy: These power fluctuations have got to stop! The illumination in my lighted standup Aquaman is varying unbearably.
    Skinner: The air conditioning in the school keeps going off. Sweaty children are not learning children.
    Quimby: We shall shut down that awful casino to save our beloved schools.
    Moe: No! Shut down the schools to save our beloved casino.
    Marge: Don't worry, I'm almost ready to start Gamblers Anonymous.
    Marge: I just have to design a logo. I was thinking “G.A.” written on a playing card.
    Marge: But will that just look like an advertisement for the “G.A.” playing card company?
    Moe: Oh for Pete's sake. I'm taking a sledgehammer to Springfield Elementary. Who's with me?

    Task: Make Degenerates Go To War [x3]
    Time: 8h
    Location: Springfield Elementary
    Characters: Homer, Krusty, Skinner
    Task: Make Straight Arrows Go To War [x3]
    Time: 8h
    Location: Burns' Casino
    Characters: Marge, Ned, Willie
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    The Wages of Sin Pt. 12

    Mr. Burns starts

    Mr. Burns: I hope you're happy, Smithers. I've hired all the plant employees back.
    Mr. Burns: And it's costing me a fortune! I had to double their wages and pay overtime.
    Smithers: It's worse than that, sir. They also insisted on a premium health plan.
    Mr. Burns: I guess it's true what they say. The wages of sin is health.
    Mr. Burns: Well, I can't keep losing money like this. I'm getting out of the casino business. Let's go home.
    Mr. Burns: It won't be so bad. I found my issue of Bathing Beauties 1925.
    Homer: Whew, I'm glad that's over. Actually having to do work at work was a nightmare.

    Task: Make Homer Work a Plant Shift
    Time: 16h
    Location: Control Building
    Task: Make Burns Enjoy Bathing Beauties
    Time: 8h
    Location: Control Building
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    The Wages of Sin: Epilogue

    Marge starts

    Marge: Great news, everyone. I'm finally ready to start Gamblers Anonymous!
    Bart: The casino craze is over, Mom.
    Lisa: Everyone is back to their normal task list.
    Marge: But I knitted two million recovery chips!
    Marge: Oh well. They'll probably make a nice sofa throw.

    Task: Make Marge Knit a Sofa Throw
    Time: 12h
    Location: Simpson House

    System Message: If you love the parched, barren look of the real Las Vegas, get ready for desert-themed scenery in an update coming soon!
    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/tsto-casino-springfield-badlands-teaser.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-103936"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/tsto-casino-springfield-badlands-teaser.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP
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    <hr/>Act 1<hr/><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/burnsfountain_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102615"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/burnsfountain_menu.png?w=97&quot; /></a>
    Burns' Fountain

    After obtaining Burns' Fountain
    Auto starts

    Lisa: They say if you throw a coin in the Burns Fountain and make a wish...
    Lisa: ...your coin will be used to fund a pro-nuclear industry Super PAC.

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/impulseweddingchapel_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102861"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/impulseweddingchapel_menu.png?w=143&quot; /></a>
    Impulse Wedding Chapel

    After obtaining Impulse Wedding Chapel
    Auto starts

    Moe: Hey, Gorgeous. What say we do something crazy and get hitched?
    Miss Hoover: Eh, sure.
    Moe: In that case, forget it. I refuse to marry a woman who'd have me as a husband.

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_milhouse_magicact.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102762"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_milhouse_magicact.png?w=143&quot; /></a>
    Magic Milhouse XXY Pt. 1

    Milhouse starts

    Magic Act Milhouse: Check it out, Bart! I'm a magician!
    Bart: Yeah, I can tell by the way you entered the room and everybody but me vanished.
    Magic Act Milhouse: I got the idea from the other prize track about Cregg Demon.
    Magic Act Milhouse: I'll be as famous as David Copperfield, as hip as Penn Gillette, and as big a ladies man as Siegfried or Roy.
    Magic Act Milhouse: Now pick a card, any card.

    Task: Make Magic Act Milhouse Guess the Wrong Card
    Time: 4h
    Location: Bart's Tree House

    Magic Milhouse XXY Pt. 2

    Milhouse starts

    Magic Act Milhouse: I went online and bought a great prop for my magic act. The “Box of Disappearance!”
    Bart: Start by putting yourself in it.
    Magic Act Milhouse: Ha, ha. Now, observe as I open the lid. The box is empty.
    Magic Act Milhouse: Now, give me something valuable, like your Krusty Klown Patrol ring.
    Magic Act Milhouse: I put the ring in the box, close the lid, say “Boxo-disappearicum” and voila, the ring is gone.
    Bart: Pretty good. Now do the part where I get the ring back.
    Magic Act Milhouse: Um...

    Task: Make Milhouse Try to Finish His Trick
    Time: 12h
    Location: Bart's Tree House

    Magic Milhouse XXY Pt. 3

    Milhouse starts

    Magic Act Milhouse: I tell you, Bart, I cannot get my “Box of Disappearance” to work right.
    Magic Act Milhouse: I've made my mom's earrings disappear, my dad's cellphone...
    Magic Act Milhouse: But I can't figure out how to make the box give them back.
    Magic Act Milhouse: I thought I figured it out last night. So I made my teeth retainer disappear.
    Magic Act Milhouse: I had not figured it out.

    Task: Make Magic Act Milhouse Grow Teeth in Strange Directions
    Time: 24h
    Location: Van Houten House

    Magic Milhouse XXY Pt. 4

    Milhouse starts

    Snake: Hello, you've reached Springfield Penitentiary.
    Magic Act Milhouse: I thought this was the phone number for the “Funzo Kid Magic Prop Company.”
    Snake: Yeah, that's me.
    Magic Act Milhouse: Well, I paid good money for your “Box of Disappearance” and it's not working.
    Magic Act Milhouse: I disappeared all this valuable stuff into it, and I can't get any of it out.
    Snake: Please accept our humble apologies.
    Snake: Send us the malfunctioning box, along with all the contents, and we'll immediately send a free replacement.
    Magic Act Milhouse: Free replacement? Now that's customer service!

    Task: Make Magic Act Milhouse Enjoy Good Customer Service
    Time: 4h
    Location: Van Houten House

    Magic Milhouse XXY Pt. 5

    Milhouse starts

    Bart: So, Milhouse, you finally got back all the things you'd disappeared into Jailbird's magic box.
    Magic Act Milhouse: Yeah, my dad called the police and they searched his prison cell.
    Magic Act Milhouse: I hear they roughed him up pretty bad. Nightsticks.
    Bart: Well, magic and fraud... they're both about tricking people.
    Bart: The only difference is, magicians get a top hat.

    Task: Make Magic Act Milhouse Practice Magic
    Time: 8h

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/britannia_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102612"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/britannia_menu.png?w=140&quot; /></a>
    Britannia Casino

    After obtaining Britannia Casino
    Auto starts

    Carl: This casino is like taking a vacation in Britain.
    Lenny: The service is slow and everyone complains about the European Union.

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_luciussweet.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102761"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_luciussweet.png?w=98&quot; /></a>
    Raging **** Pt. 1

    Lucius Sweet starts

    Lucius Sweet: I don't think I have ever seen a town this lacking in luster.
    Lucius Sweet: What this place needs is the kind of uplifting spectacle that will inspire children and give parents hope.
    Lucius Sweet: A very loud boxing match where someone gets seriously hurt.
    Lucius Sweet: Now, who will step up to achieve fame, fortune, and a leopard-skin cape to wear into the ring?

    Task: Make Lucius Sweet Advertise Reputational Magnification
    Time: 8h
    Location: Channel 6 or Town Hall or Moe's Tavern

    Raging **** Pt. 2

    Moe starts

    Moe: So, yeah, Mr. Sweet. I'd like to sign up to be your boxer.
    Moe: I figure the chance at money and fame is worth the risk.
    Moe: And with a face like mine, it ain't even really a risk.
    Lucius Sweet: Great. I'll just need you to give me control of your bank account, income, and finances.
    Moe: Really? I thought you was gonna teach me to box.
    Lucius Sweet: I'm your manager. That means I manage your money. Being a great fighter must come from within you.
    Lucius Sweet: Now if you'll hand me your ATM card, I'll get managing.

    Task: Make Moe Train on His Own
    Time: 24h
    Location: Moe's Tavern
    Task: Make Lucius Sweet Economicate More Hopefuls
    Time: 24h
    Location: National Bank of Springfield or Brown House

    Raging **** Pt. 3

    Moe starts

    Moe: Hey, Lucius, I've been paying through the nose here and you haven't trained me for a single session!
    Lucius Sweet: Haven't I? Because of me, you're angry and angry fighters are good fighters.
    Lucius Sweet: I think you're ready for your first official match!
    Lucius Sweet: I've got the perfect boxer name for you: “Pug Ugly.”
    Moe: Thanks! Ain't nobody every said I was only as ugly as a pug.

    Task: Make Lucius Sweet Promote "Pug Ugly"
    Time: 12h
    Location: Channel 6 or Town Hall or Moe's Tavern

    Raging **** Pt. 4

    Lucius Sweet starts

    Lucius Sweet: Moe, your first big boxing fight is coming up soon.
    Lucius Sweet: I've been watching you train, and you're as ready as you'll ever be.
    Lucius Sweet: Which is why I've taken out a generous life insurance policy on you.
    Lucius Sweet: After all, you want me to be well taken care of when I'm alone.
    Moe: “When” I'm alone... Don't you mean “if”
    Lucius Sweet: I mean what I mean.

    Task: Make Moe Declare Lucius as his Insurance Beneficiary
    Time: 8h
    Location: Moe's Tavern

    Raging **** Pt. 5

    Lucius Sweet starts

    Lucius Sweet: Welcome to the boxing match of the century, which I confidently say sixteen years into the century.
    Lucius Sweet: In this corner, we have the beastly brawler, Pug Ugly!
    Moe: How ya doing.
    Lucius Sweet: And in the other corner, Scotland's disgrace, the Glasgow Goon.
    Willie: Where's the Englishman? I'll crush his ****! “Brave Heart!”
    Moe: He looks tough. Who's his manager?
    Lucius Sweet: Me.
    Lucius Sweet: I'm the promoter, the manager, the announcer, and I sell the little stuffed “Jaw-Broken Moe” dolls.
    Moe: Hey, a doll based on me. Can I get one?
    Lucius Sweet: Absolutely. Get in line and pay like everyone else.

    Task: Make Moe and Willie Box
    Time: 2h
    Location: Moe's Tavern
    Requires: Willie
    Task: Make Money No Matter What
    Time: 2h
    Location: Moe's Tavern<hr/>Act 2<hr/><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/newarknewark_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102716"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/newarknewark_menu.png?w=65&quot; /></a>
    Newark Newark

    After obtaining Newark Newark Sign
    Auto starts

    Lenny: Wow, a casino that celebrates all that's great about New Jersey.
    Carl: Yep. They have a walk-around Tony Soprano who'll overcharge you for concrete.

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/luckycasino_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102707"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/luckycasino_menu.png?w=140&quot; /></a>
    Lucky Casino

    After obtaining Lucky Casino
    Auto starts

    Gil: Lucky Casino?! With a name like that, how could I lose?
    Bart: What if it's the casino that's lucky?
    Gil: Ol' Gil didn't get to be where he is today by using logic.

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/woodstock_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102772"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/woodstock_menu.png?w=150&quot; /></a>

    After obtaining Woodstock Casino
    Auto starts

    Lisa: Finally, a casino that captures the bold revolutionary spirit of the 1960s.
    Bart: Plus performances by every washed-up half-dead rock and roll band of the 1960s.
    Bart: Seriously, who the hell are “Led Zeppelin?”

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_creggdemon.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102758"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_creggdemon.png?w=88&quot; /></a>
    That Old Black MagicFreek Pt. 1

    Cregg Demon starts

    Cregg Demon: Hey, brahs and sishes! It's Cregg Demon, master of shocktacular magic!
    Cregg Demon: You ready for the insane power of the Magicfreek?
    Cregg Demon: Well, sit tight. I gotta cruise 'round on the m-cycle, mass up some cool for my next "chillusion!"

    Task: Make Cregg Demon Ride His Motorcycle
    Time: 4h

    That Old Black MagicFreek Pt. 2

    Cregg Demon starts

    Cregg Demon: Prepare to get straight up freaked!
    Cregg Demon: For serious, I'm going to show you a magic trick so wild, it'll blow your mind!
    Wiggum: Hold up, Mr. Demon. Your motorcycle taillight is out.
    Wiggum: You better replace that right away, or I'm going to have to cite you.
    Cregg Demon: I see. Everyone, chill-hang. I'll be back to get you straight-up freaked in half an hour.

    Task: Make Craig Demon Get in Line at the Kwik-E-Mart
    Time: 8h
    Location: Kwik-E-Mart

    That Old Black MagicFreek Pt. 3

    Cregg Demon starts

    Cregg Demon: Man, this line at the Kwik-E-Mart goes on forever. And I've got a show to freek.
    Cregg Demon: My friend Apu, can I skip to the front of the line if I make this lady's bra disappear?
    Apu: That lady is my wife! I have been married to her for ten years.
    Apu: The last thing I'm interested in is seeing her without her underwear.

    Task: Make Cregg Demon Make Bras Disappear
    Time: 1h
    Location: Brown House

    That Old Black MagicFreek Pt. 4

    Cregg Demon starts

    Cregg Demon: Everyone's hearts working good? ”˜Cause I am about to blow some aortas with a total magicfreek.
    Cregg Demon: I'm going to take a stroll... right across the top of Springfield River.
    Cregg Demon: Magicfreek!
    Lisa: Eh, that river's so polluted it's like sludge. A lot of us walk on top of the river.
    Lisa: In summer it stiffens and we play basketball on it.
    Cregg Demon: Fine. I'll go work on a new trick.

    Task: Make Cregg Demon Think Bigger Than Jesus
    Time: 12h
    Location: Brown House

    That Old Black MagicFreek Pt. 5

    Cregg Demon starts

    Cregg Demon: Okay, Lenny. Just lie down on your back on this bench... close your eyes...
    Cregg Demon: And watch as I rip you in two!
    Homer: He did it. He ripped Lenny in half at the waist. Legs here, head and body there.
    Homer: I hate it when people break up. You really can only stay friends with one half.
    Homer: Guess I choose Lenny's legs.
    Cregg Demon: This town is very hard to impress with magicfreeks.
    Lisa: Mr. Burns once blotted out the sun. Last year my family was abducted by aliens.
    Lisa: We're hard to impress.

    Task: Make Cregg Demon Sulk in the Brown House
    Time: 24h
    Location: Brown House<hr/>Act 3<hr/><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/nerospalacearch_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102714"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/nerospalacearch_menu.png?w=85&quot; /></a>
    Nero's Arch

    After obtaining Nero's Palace Arch
    Auto starts

    System Message: Matching Nero's Walls now available in the Store!
    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/neros-wall-message.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-103924"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/neros-wall-message.png?w=150&quot; /></a>

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/nerospalace_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102713"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/nerospalace_menu.png?w=116&quot; /></a>
    Nero's Palace

    After obtaining Nero's Palace
    Auto starts

    Lisa: How appropriate there's a casino named for a Roman emperor famed for his extravagance.
    Fat Tony: It's named after my uncle Nero, famed for his eggplant parmigiana.

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_mrburns_reclusive.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102764"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_mrburns_reclusive.png?w=115&quot; /></a>
    The Bloviator Pt. 1

    Smithers starts

    Reclusive Mr. Burns: Smithers, I'm bored.
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: I've done everything a billionaire can.
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: Dated pop stars, bought politicians, endowed museums...
    Smithers: Yes, your “Museum of Hatred of the Poor” has the lowest attendance of any in the country.
    Smithers: You haven't run for political office yet.
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: And I won't. I'm a billionaire, not a self-glorifying **** egomaniac.
    Smithers: Didn't know there was a difference, sir.

    Task: Make Burns Mope With Ennui
    Time: 12h
    Location: Burns' Casino

    The Bloviator Pt. 2

    Mr. Burns starts

    Reclusive Mr. Burns: I've figured it out, Smithers. The one billionaire thing I've never done.
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: I'm going to become an eccentric recluse, like my young friend Howard Hughes.
    Smithers: He died unloved and alone, sir.
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: Well, I won't make his mistake.
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: I won't die.

    Task: Make Reclusive Mr. Burns Fade From the Public Eye
    Task: Make Smithers Deny Requests for Access
    Time: 24h
    Location: Burns' Casino

    The Bloviator Pt. 3

    Mr. Burns starts

    Smithers: I've brought you the mail, sir.
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: Did you clean it thoroughly? It might be infected with one of the four humors. Bile or something.
    Smithers: I think you're becoming a little obsessive.
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: Nonsense. Now bring me a pink napkin.
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: I need to cover my genitals while I sit naked, repeatedly watching the 1968 blockbuster “Ice Station Zebra.”
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: Yep, Howard Hughes really did that.

    Task: Make Smithers Do All the Work
    Task: Make Mr. Burns Watch “Ice Station Zebra”
    Time: 12h
    Location: Burns' Casino

    The Bloviator Pt. 4

    Mr. Burns starts

    Smithers: Sir, you need to come out of this movie screening room. You have a casino and power plant to run.
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: Sorry. Recluse.
    Smithers: Can I at least take away some of these jars of urine?
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: No! I just finished arranging them in a perfect pent-heptagon.
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: You're covered in germs, Smithers. I banish you from my presence.
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: From now on, I want my chicken and milk delivered by drone.

    Task: Make Reclusive Burns Sink Into Obscurity
    Time: 4h
    Location: Burns' Casino

    The Bloviator Pt. 5

    Mr. Burns starts

    Smithers: Mr. Burns, you can't continue to live by yourself in a darkened penthouse on top of a casino hotel.
    Smithers: They need the penthouse for Pitbull.
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: That chrome-dome gallimaufry? He's still a thing?
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: Oh, very well. I'm starting to miss spending time with my fellow humans.
    Reclusive Mr. Burns: Setting hounds on them... dropping them down trap doors...
    Smithers: Yes, you're what America needs more of: billionaires messing around with us.

    Task: Make Reclusive Mr. Burns Feel Sunlight on His Face
    Time: 8h

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/acrobatictheater_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102611"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/acrobatictheater_menu.png?w=145&quot; /></a>
    Chinese Acrobatic Theatre

    After obtaining Chinese Acrobatic Theatre
    Auto starts

    Quimby: Finally, entertainment I can get into.
    Quimby: “Exotic contortionism.”
    Quimby: Exactly how I defend my decisions as a mayor.

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_gabboandarthur.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102759"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_gabboandarthur.png?w=92&quot; /></a>
    Heaven Won't Wait Pt. 1

    Gabbo and Arthur starts

    Gabbo: Well, Crandall, another triumphant performance.
    Arthur: Yes, Gabbo, it's wonderful to see an audience touched by the transcendence of ventriloquism.
    Arthur: We are, in reality, angels sent from heaven, commanded by God to help troubled marriages.
    Kirk: Darn it, Luann, why do you always make fun of my bald spot?
    Gabbo: We have found our next project.

    Task: Make Gabbo Plan an Intervention
    Time: 8h
    Location: Orange House
    Task: Make Arthur Touch Base With Heaven
    Time: 24h
    Location: First Church of Springfield

    Heaven Won't Wait Pt. 2

    Gabbo and Arthur starts

    Gabbo: So let me get this straight, Crandall. We're angels sent to save Kirk and Luann's marriage.
    Arthur: But God has disguised us as a ventriloquist and his dummy.
    Gabbo: Not the easiest set up to work with.
    Gabbo: “Hey, I'm a ventriloquist's dummy. Let me solve your intimacy problems.”
    Arthur: Look, we were throwing around ideas, I pitched “ventriloquist,” God said go with it.
    Arthur: You have a problem with His Ineffable Word?
    Gabbo: I have no problem with His Ineffable Word.

    Task: Make Gabbo Mutter Angrily To Himself
    Time: 4h
    Location: Orange House

    Heaven Won't Wait Pt. 3

    Gabbo and Arthur starts

    Arthur: Pardon me, Mr. Van Houten. I know you're angry with your wife.
    Arthur: But I am an angel sent to bring you and Luann back together.
    Arthur: I shall show you a vision of how sad your life would be if you'd never met her.
    Kirk: That'll totally work on me. But Luann...
    Arthur: Don't worry. My fellow angel Gabbo is plying his powers on Luann right now.
    Gabbo: So, Luann, Kirk seems like an okay dude...
    Luann: Aaahh!!! Help!!! This creepy little dummy is talking!!!
    Luann: Where's my taser? Where's my taser?!

    Task: Make Gabbo Get Tased
    Time: 1h
    Location: Orange House

    Heaven Won't Wait Pt. 4

    Gabbo and Arthur starts

    Arthur: I have succeeded in my mission as an angel, Gabbo. Kirk is once more smitten with his wife.
    Arthur: I assume you've been equally successful with Luann.
    Gabbo: No, Crandall, I haven't.
    Gabbo: In fact, Luann tased the hell out of me.
    Arthur: But we're supposed to move on to our next task! Dr. Hibbert is being handsy with his nurse.
    Gabbo: Hey! I used to be an angel. Now, I'm a taser-charred lump of wood operated by a hand up my ****.
    Gabbo: I don't give a crap about Dr. Hibbert's freakin' nurse!

    Task: Make Gabbo Rant
    Time: 8h
    Location: Orange House

    Heaven Won't Wait Pt. 5

    Gabbo and Arthur starts

    Arthur: Nice job, Gabbo. You had to go complaining about our assignment as angels.
    Arthur: God's omnipresent. He's always eavesdropping. And he does not turn his other cheek to criticism.
    Arthur: Now we've been demoted to angels that help cats stuck in trees.
    Gabbo: Anything so we don't have to deal with those idiot Van Houtens.
    Arthur: No, that job's been passed up to the top angel in the area.
    Gabbo: Mr. Teeny? Well good luck to him.

    Task: Make Gabbo Help Cats Stuck in Trees
    Time: 24h
    Location: Trees<hr/>Crafting<hr/><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/lifesizedsprucemoose_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102706"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/lifesizedsprucemoose_menu.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
    Life-Sized Spruce Moose

    After obtaining Life-Sized Spruce Moose
    Auto starts

    Mr. Burns: Look at this epitome of airliner luxury!
    Mr. Burns: Two furlongs long, seats 35, and each of its nineteen engines takes two days to start.
    Mr. Burns: Ah, modern times.

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/safaricasino_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102718"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/safaricasino_menu.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
    Safari Casino

    After obtaining Safari Casino
    Auto starts

    Krusty: They hired Mr. Teeny to do the floor show at this casino.
    Krusty: For two minutes he tells them my best jokes, and then he throws poop at the audience.
    Krusty: The poop-throwing gets more laughs.<hr/>Bonus Donuts<hr/>High Roller Bonus

    After obtaining all Act prizes

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/untitled-23.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-103143"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/untitled-23.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
    Act 1 Task: Collect Red Chips [x8500]
    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/bonus2.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-103439"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/bonus2.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
    Act 2 Task: Collect Green Chips [x8500]
    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/tsto-casino-high-roller-bonus-3.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-103972"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/tsto-casino-high-roller-bonus-3.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
    Act 3 Task: Collect Blue Chips [x8500]
    Reward: 1/2/3 Donuts
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    <hr/>Act 1<hr/><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/unlock_therichtexan.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-93291"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/unlock_therichtexan.png?w=85&quot; /></a>
    Pai Gow Yee Haw

    After completing The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 7
    The Rich Texan starts

    The Rich Texan: I love this place. Feels just like Texas.
    The Rich Texan: The drinks are huge, the wins are huge…
    The Rich Texan: And immigrants aren't welcome.
    Apu: We're welcome, we're just not stupid enough to gamble.
    The Rich Texan: Either way, the nativist oil man wins.

    Task: Make Rich Texan Go Big or Go Home
    Time: 4h
    Location: Burns' Casino
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/welcometospringfieldsign_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102771"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/welcometospringfieldsign_menu.png?w=113&quot; /></a>
    Welcome to Springfield

    After buying Welcome to Springfield Sign
    Auto starts

    Homer: Finally, we have a "Welcome to Springfield" sign!
    Lisa: All kinds of strangers are moving in because of the casino.
    Homer: Tell 'em to get lost -- they're not welcome!

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/labellefrottage_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102705"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/labellefrottage_menu.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
    La Belle Frottage

    After buying La Belle Frottage
    Auto starts

    Sea Captain: Now this is the kind of boat I like.
    Sea Captain: I get to gamble with money instead of the lives of my crew.

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_gingerflanders.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102760"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_gingerflanders.png?w=68&quot; /></a><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_ambersimpson.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102754"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_ambersimpson.png?w=64&quot; /></a>
    Two Broke Gals Pt. 1

    Ginger Flanders starts

    Ginger Flanders: Back in Springfield. Doesn't look any better than the last time we were here.
    Amber Simpson: But “Gold Diggers Monthly” named it the fastest growing place in America!
    Ginger Flanders: No, they named it the *fattest* growing place.
    Ginger Flanders: But since we're here, might as well check out the local bachelors.
    Amber Simpson: I'll fire up Tinder.

    Task: Make Ginger Look for Opportunities
    Task: Make Amber Look for Opportunities
    Time: 12h
    Location: Moe's Tavern or Brown House

    Two Broke Gals Pt. 2

    Amber Simpson starts

    Amber Simpson: This town is no fun.
    Amber Simpson: The guys will go out with you. They'll get drunk with you...
    Amber Simpson: But they won't impulsively marry you.
    Ginger Flanders: That's how it is with today's men. No class.
    Ginger Flanders: Hey, we should look up those two fellas we know from Vegas.
    Ginger Flanders: Like my mother always told me, "If you can't find a good one, at least find a dumb one."

    Task: Make Ginger Look Up Ned
    Time: 8h
    Location: Flanders House
    Task: Make Amber Look Up Homer
    Time: 8h
    Location: Simpson House

    Two Broke Gals Pt. 3

    Ned starts

    Ned: Why Ginger, nice to see you again.
    Ned: Let's see, last time we talked, you were headed to be a missionary in the Amazon rain forest.
    Ginger Flanders: Yeah, stayed two years, married a Yanomami chieftain.
    Ginger Flanders: But we drifted apart after he started wearing a wooden disk in his jaw.
    Homer: How about you, Amber? Still got those stretch marks that look like Jesus?
    Amber Simpson: I lost weight, so now they look like Pee Wee Herman.

    Task: Make Ned Make Polite Conversation
    Time: 4h
    Location: Flanders House
    Requires: Ginger Flanders
    Task: Make Homer Compare Stretch Marks
    Time: 4h
    Location: Flanders House
    Requires: Amber Simpson

    Two Broke Gals Pt. 4

    Ginger Flanders starts

    Ginger Flanders: So, Ned, any interest in retying the knot?
    Ginger Flanders: I still have my “frequent wedders” card at the Vegas chapel.
    Ned: I'm flattered, but I'm just a boring old family man.
    Ned: You need someone who can live up to your lust for adventure and cherry-flavored e-cigarettes.
    Homer: Amber, I notice you didn't ask me to remarry you.
    Homer: I'm sure it's because you know I would never leave Marge.
    Amber Simpson: Riiiight... and in no way because you're morbidly obese and dangerously alcoholic.

    Task: Make Ginger Meet Moe for a Drink
    Time: 8h
    Location: Moe's Tavern
    Requires: Moe
    Task: Make Amber Meet Skinner for Dinner
    Time: 8h
    Location: Skinner House or Krusty Burger
    Requires: Skinner

    Two Broke Gals Pt. 5

    Ginger Flanders starts

    Ginger Flanders: I finally found someone to marry me.
    Ginger Flanders: And this time it wasn't because he was so drunk that the next morning he forgot he did it.
    Grampa: I don't *need* to get drunk to forget what I did.
    Grampa: So, I'm married to a Vegas floozy? Hot diggety!
    Amber Simpson: And I married your friend Jasper. I've always had a thing for floor-length beards.
    Jasper: Abe and I may not be much to look at, but we know how to treat a lady.
    Grampa: Long as it happens before 5 PM bedtime.

    Task: Make Ginger Party with Grampa
    Time: 12h
    Location: Springfield Retirement Castle
    Task: Make Amber Play with Jasper's Beard
    Time: 12h
    If the user doesn't have Jasper: Location: Springfield Retirement Castle
    If the user has Jasper: Location: Community Center
    Requires: Jasper

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_missspringfield_hostess.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102763"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_missspringfield_hostess.png?w=69&quot; /></a>
    The Passed Apps and the Furious Pt. 1

    Miss Springfield starts

    Wiggum: Miss Springfield, we need your help.
    Hostess Miss Springfield: Goodness, Chief Wiggum. Why?
    Wiggum: We have reason to believe that the Mob is trying to muscle in on the gala and festival catering business.
    Wiggum: We need someone to go undercover as the hostess of a series of gala events.
    Wiggum: She will greet guests, introduce speakers, and ferret out the mob connections.
    Wiggum: She must be smart, brave, and drop-dead gorgeous.
    Wiggum: I'd send Officer Lou, but he no longer fits in a size four dress.
    Lou: Just can't give up the donut holes.

    Task: Make Hostess Miss Springfield Attend a Gala
    Time: 8h
    Location: Opera House or Gilded Truffle

    The Passed Apps and the Furious Pt. 2

    Miss Springfield starts

    Wiggum: How's the undercover work going, Miss Springfield? Find out any Mob connections to gala catering?
    Hostess Miss Springfield: Not yet. I'm scared. Is this dangerous?
    Wiggum: It's extremely dangerous. The catering is delicious, and there's every chance of putting on weight.
    Hostess Miss Springfield: Oh dear lord no!
    Wiggum: Be brave. You're doing this for your fellow citizens.
    Wiggum: Also, if you could sneak out a doggy bag from the buffet, me and the boys would sure appreciate it.

    Task: Make Hostess Miss Springfield Attend a Gala
    Time: 8h
    Location: Opera House or Gilded Truffle

    The Passed Apps and the Furious Pt. 3

    Miss Springfield starts

    Fat Tony: Miss Springfield... what a pleasure to encounter you at yet another festive evening.
    Fat Tony: It's almost like you're the only attractive young hostess in town.
    Hostess Miss Springfield: You're also always at these galas. Any catering-related reason?
    Fat Tony: Not at all. I'm just lending my support to whatever charitable cause this event honors.
    Legs: It's a rally to ban Italian immigration.
    Fat Tony: Just shut up and get the crab appetizers moving!

    Task: Make Hostess Miss Springfield Attend a Gala
    Time: 8h
    Location: Opera House or Gilded Truffle

    The Passed Apps and the Furious Pt. 4

    Miss Springfield starts

    Wiggum: Great undercover work, Miss Springfield.
    Wiggum: Thanks to you, we've established a clear connection between Fat Tony's gang and gala catering.
    Hostess Miss Springfield: I'm scared. I think Fat Tony suspects me.
    Wiggum: Stay calm. Lou and I will be right there with you at the next event.
    Wiggum: So that we don't draw attention to ourselves, I will be disguised as an extremely fit personal trainer...
    Wiggum: And Lou will pretend to be a visiting Pope.
    Wiggum: We're going to put an end to the national disgrace of regional gala catering overcharges!
    Hostess Miss Springfield: I sure hope so, because I'm really tired of hearing the word “gala.”

    Task: Make Hostess Miss Springfield Attend a Gala
    Time: 8h
    Location: Opera House or Gilded Truffle

    The Passed Apps and the Furious Pt. 5

    Miss Springfield starts

    Hostess Miss Springfield: Chief Wiggum! I found out how Fat Tony is making money off gala catering!
    Hostess Miss Springfield: He's skimming off the top... the remoulade sauce off the crab cakes!
    Fat Tony: So, our pretty hostess is a police informant. Grab her, boys.
    Hostess Miss Springfield: Chief Wiggum, help!
    Wiggum: Can't. I'll lose my place in the buffet line.
    Fat Tony: Don't worry, Miss Springfield. We're making a fortune off gala catering.
    Fat Tony: And we couldn't do that without a beautiful hostess to attract the crowds.
    Hostess Miss Springfield: So I can live, but only if I keep hosting galas?
    Hostess Miss Springfield: Tough choice.

    Task: Make Hostess Miss Springfield Attend a Gala
    Time: 8h
    Location: Opera House or Gilded Truffle

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_chippie.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102757"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_chippie.png?w=123&quot; /></a>

    After buying Chippy
    Chippy starts

    Chippy: Come on, Mister Smithers. You gotta let me work in your casino.
    Chippy: I’ve spent so many years trying to figure out what to do with my life.
    Chippy: And then one day I looked in the mirror and it hit me like a bolt out of the blue.
    Chippy: Maintain commercial HVAC systems.
    Smithers: How about instead you walk around and advertise our casino?
    Chippy: Geez, where’d that idea come from?
    System Message: Check in with Chippy every day to get a free game token!<hr/>Act 2<hr/><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/unlock_princesskashmir.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-93242"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/unlock_princesskashmir.png?w=92&quot; /></a>
    Exotic Entertainment

    After completing Have a Vice Day Pt. 5
    Princess Kashmir starts

    Homer: Your resume as an Exotic Dancer is very impressive, Miss Kashmir.
    Princess Kashmir: I started as an ordinary dancer, then did Unusual Dance, Atypical Dance, and Not-Really-Dance Dance before going full Exotic.
    Homer: And before then?
    Princess Kashmir: I was in the Army.
    Homer: Ooh, good, military experience.
    Princess Kashmir: The Duffgirls Party Army.
    Homer: Much better experience.

    Task: Make Princess Kashmir Entertain Gamblers
    Time: 4h
    Location: Burns' Casino

    Mr. Burns: Princess Kashmir, you're a vision of loveliness.
    Mr. Burns: If I were a younger man I might try to slip off your silken bikini myself.
    Princess Kashmir: Yeah, a lot of guys try that.
    Princess Kashmir: So I had it surgically stitched to my hips.
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/unlock_krusty_tuxedo.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-93152"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/unlock_krusty_tuxedo.png?w=92&quot; /></a>
    Hate the Playa

    After completing Have a Vice Day Pt. 6
    Krusty starts

    Tuxedo Krusty: I’m living the high life!
    Tuxedo Krusty: My show is the second worst rated entertainment at the casino.
    Tuxedo Krusty: And to think my dad said I’d never amount to second worst.
    Tuxedo Krusty: Time to try out my luck on the casino floor!

    Task: Make Tuxedo Krusty Hit on Cocktail Waitresses
    Time: 4h
    Location: Burns' Casino
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/treehouse_bartscasino_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102753"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/treehouse_bartscasino_menu.png?w=109&quot; /></a><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_bart_casinoboss.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102755"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/unlock_bart_casinoboss.png?w=80&quot; /></a>
    Lisa's 11 Pt. 1

    Bart starts

    Casino Boss Bart: Welcome to my fabulous Treehouse Casino.
    Marge: I'm not so sure about this, Bart.
    Casino Boss Bart: Come on, Mom, I'm just doing what kids do everywhere.
    Casino Boss Bart: Imitate their parent's terrible behavior.

    Task: Make Casino Boss Bart Get Set for the High Life
    Time: 8h
    Location: Bart's Tree House

    Lisa's 11 Pt. 2

    Bart starts

    Casino Boss Bart: Man, this is the life.
    Casino Boss Bart: Walking the floor, charming high rollers, chatting with the waitresses...
    Casino Boss Bart: Janey, looking lovely. Get my friend Milhouse another lemonade if you would.
    Casino Boss Bart: He's dumping a ton of lunch money at the Crazy-8s table.

    Task: Make Casino Boss Bart Manage Operations
    Time: 12h
    Location: Bart's Tree House

    Lisa's 11 Pt. 3

    Lisa starts

    Lisa: Ugh, Bart's Treehouse Casino is driving me crazy.
    Lisa: All night long, kids are making noise and playing music, right outside my bedroom window.
    Lisa: If I hear Nelson yell “big wins” one more time I'll scream.
    Lisa: Well, let Bart strut around like a big man.
    Lisa: I'm going to bring together an all-star team of nerds and bring his casino down.
    Lisa: Cue dramatic music.

    Task: Make Lisa Scheme a Takedown
    Time: 4h
    Location: Simpson House

    Lisa's 11 Pt. 4

    Lisa starts

    Lisa: Okay, I've assembled a crack team of eleven nerds.
    Lisa: Martin, Database, Cosine, Report Card, Beezee, Prune Juice, Hubert Wong...
    Lisa: ...Database's Girlfriend, Renaissance Fair, Sliderule and Compaq.
    Lisa: Now, let's come up with a plan to take Bart's Treehouse Casino down.
    Martin: How about we cut down the tree?
    Lisa: I love that tree.
    Database: Let's throw in a stink bomb.
    Lisa: This is supposed to be a parody of a clever heist movie. We need something clever.
    Lisa: Now let's nerd the heck out of this!

    Task: Make Casino Boss Bart Enjoy the High Life
    Time: 8h
    Location: Bart's Tree House
    Task: Make Lisa Scheme
    Task: Make Martin Scheme
    Time: 8h
    Location: Simpson House

    Lisa: Okay. Eleven brilliant nerds spent all day scheming to take down Bart's Treehouse Casino.
    Lisa: We're going with a stink bomb.

    Lisa's 11 Pt. 5

    Bart starts

    Casino Boss Bart: Lisa, I know you have a plan to destroy my Treehouse Casino.
    Lisa: Who spilled the beans?
    Casino Boss Bart: Martin. He's addicted to my Krusty Kidz Play Slot Machine.
    Lisa: That boy's headed toward a lifetime of serious gambling problems.
    Casino Boss Bart: Look, Lis, if the noise from my treehouse is bothering you in your room, all you had to do was tell me.
    Casino Boss Bart: I'm a casino boss. My job is making problems go away.
    Lisa: So you'll shut down the Treehouse Casino?
    Casino Boss Bart: Hell no. We're switching bedrooms.

    Task: Make Casino Boss Bart Manage Operations
    Time: 12h
    Location: Bart's Tree House<hr/>Act 3<hr/><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/unlock_johnnytightlips.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-95752"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/unlock_johnnytightlips.png?w=56&quot; /></a>
    The Sound of Silence Pt. 1

    After completing The Wages of Sin Pt. 4
    Fat Tony starts

    Fat Tony: So, Mr. Burns is getting into the casino racket.
    Fat Tony: He needs a reminder that we control the Dealers Union, the Bellboys Union, and the Buffet Pasta and Fixin's Bar Union.
    Fat Tony: Johnny Tightlips... take him a gentle message.
    Legs: You ever worry that we're a stereotype of something that hasn't really existed for fifty years?
    Fat Tony: I like to think of us as a slice of history frozen in amber.

    Task: Make Johnny Tightlips Deliver a Threat
    Time: 4h
    Location: Burns' Casino

    Johnny Tightlips: ...
    Mr. Burns: So, a mobster. What do you want? Out with it!
    Johnny Tightlips: I ain't sayin' nothin'.
    Mr. Burns: I like your style. Here's a coupon to our Mob-free Pasta Bar.
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    The Sound of Silence Pt. 2

    Fat Tony starts

    Fat Tony: How did Mr. Burns respond to my “incentivizing his collaboration?” Positively, I trust?
    Johnny Tightlips: Nobody said nothin' to no one.
    Fat Tony: *sigh*
    Fat Tony: I have a bogus degree in Sanitation Engineering. Maybe I should just use it.

    Task: Make Johnny Tightlips Remain Silent
    Time: 12h
    Location: PlatosRepublicCasino
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    **** Lounge

    After buying **** Lounge
    Auto starts

    Ralph: This must be a lounge for peacocks.
    Wiggum: Hee hee, little kids think such silly things.
    Homer: Out of my way! I'm going in to eat peacocks!<hr/>Platinum Scratch-Rs

    This scratch-r are special: if you get a bomb you win 100 donuts, if you get 2 bombs you get 115 donuts, if you get 3 clubs you get 125 donuts, if you get 3 mallets you get 200 donuts, if you get 3 knives you get 300 donuts and if you get 3 axes you get 1000 donuts!
    <hr/>Platinum Scratch-R Pt. 1

    After logging in on March 1st
    Apu starts

    Apu: People are winning so much at the casino that no one wants to waste their money on my lottery tickets.
    Apu: Preying on human gullibility is the only way I stay in business.
    Apu: Or wait... what if I tried to provide a great customer experience?
    Apu: No more gouging. To say "Thank you, come again" and *mean* it.
    Apu: Eh, maybe I'll try and lure those idiots back with a fancier Scratch-R.
    System Message: As a valued player, you get access to an all new, limited time offer of the Platinum Scratch-R!
    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-platinum-scratch-r-message.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-103213"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-platinum-scratch-r-message.png?w=150&quot; /></a><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-platinum-scratch-r.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-103214"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-platinum-scratch-r.png?w=150&quot; /></a>

    Platinum Scratch-R Pt. 2

    After logging in on March 24th
    Auto starts

    Homer: Apu! I heard I could get a great deal on a randomized donut reward.
    Apu: Sorry, our Platinum Scratch-R promotion has expired until further notice.
    Homer: You gotta hook me up! I'm desperate!
    Apu: A desperate customer who needs something at the last minute...
    Apu: And so let the gouging begin.
    System Message: Your sad pleas have moved us. You get access to a second shot at the all new, limited time Platinum Scratch-R.
    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/platinum2.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-104021"><img class="alignnone wp-image-104021 size-thumbnail" src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/platinum2.png?w=150&quot; alt="Platinum2" width="150" height="54" /></a><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-platinum-scratch-r.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-103214"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-platinum-scratch-r.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
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    Take Their Money Then Fun

    After completing The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 2 and obtaining Players Club points
    Auto starts

    Mr. Burns: My casino is filled with pension-spending seniors and happy oafs bursting out of their t-shirts.
    Mr. Burns: I want to reward them for sharing my passion for organized gaming.
    Mr. Burns: Smithers, set up a Players Club for the underprivileged ultra-privileged right away!

    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/casinoconciergekiosk_menu.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102616"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/casinoconciergekiosk_menu.png?w=141&quot; /></a><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/bc-event-guide.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102862"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/bc-event-guide.png?w=150&quot; /></a> <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/burns-casino-players-club-guide.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102863"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/burns-casino-players-club-guide.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
    Task: Build Casino Concierge Kiosk
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    Going Abroad

    After completing The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 6
    Homer starts

    Homer: This takes care of the lazy gamblers in *this* town...
    Homer: ...but what about the people trying to escape the sweet neon glow of the casino in other towns?

    Task: Tap 3 Gamblers in Friends' Towns

    System Message: The Refer-a-Friend Card is now available in the store! Get it now to earn double rewards from tapping Gamblers in a friend's town!
    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-burns-casino-refer-a-friend-card.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102887"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-burns-casino-refer-a-friend-card.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
    If the Refer-a-Friend Card is bought:
    System Message: Congratulations on purchasing the Refer-A-Friend Card! You'll now get extra rewards from tapping Gamblers in a friend's town!
    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/ico_stor_casino_referafriend.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102886"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/ico_stor_casino_referafriend.png?w=150&quot; /></a><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-burns-casino-refer-a-friend-card-bought.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102888"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-burns-casino-refer-a-friend-card-bought.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    Craft Punk

    After reaching Level 10 and completing The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 7
    Willie starts

    Willie: Gambling is in the blood of Scotsmen.
    Willie: We've been gambling on battles against England for the last thousand years.
    Willie: Usually ends up with us getting drawn and quartered.
    Willie: Maybe I'll just stick to arts and crafts.

    Task: Make Willie Play It Safe
    Time: 12h
    Location: Willie's Shack
    Reward: 5 Keychains, 5 Coasters, 100 Event Currency and 10 XP
    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/burns-casino-crafting-guide.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102866"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/burns-casino-crafting-guide.png?w=150&quot; /></a><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-burns-casino-crafting.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-102871"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tsto-burns-casino-crafting.png?w=150&quot; /></a>

    Challenge the Day

    After reaching Level 15 and completing The Old Man and the 'Sino Pt. 8
    Mr. Burns starts

    Mr. Burns: I've noticed that some of the players at my casino are nervously hunching over their chips.
    Mr. Burns: What if they get shoulder cramps? Let's add some free masseurs.
    Smithers: Sir, we can't afford to pay for that!
    Smithers: Maybe if I offer casino perks, I can find some people with way more free time than they deserve to chip in.
    Smithers: You know who you are.

    Task: Complete a Casino Daily Challenge
    Reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

    5 Tokens Gameplay

    After the user logs in on March 22nd and has 25 Game Tokens or more
    Auto starts

    If you want to speed up your gameplay, you can now spend 5 Game Tokens at a time to earn 5 times the reward!
    <a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/5tokens.png&quot; rel="attachment wp-att-103979"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/5tokens.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
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  • crystal_do450
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    edited February 2016
    Do you know what the heck this Concierge thing is and how to get more of whatever the currency is? It's driving me nuts.
  • LPNintendoITA
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    edited February 2016
    check the Players Club link

    anyway it's done!
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  • blizzardfri
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    edited February 2016
    Thank you very much!
  • cvf007
    1077 posts Member
    edited March 2016
    Thank you so much LP for the walkthrough
  • AlexxPizzi
    24 posts Member
    edited March 2016
    Thanks, are there any easter eggs?
  • LPNintendoITA
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    edited March 2016
    no or i'd have added them
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  • setsurinvich
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    edited March 2016
    so I take Nessie has no jobs and is just a decoration character like the dancing reindeer?
  • LPNintendoITA
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    edited March 2016
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  • Mirality
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    edited March 2016
    Is the premium guide link broken or am I just blind? Something weird happened with Bart's thing in Act 2 and I wanted to see if it was supposed to do that or if it was a bug.
  • LPNintendoITA
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    edited March 2016
    What happened? also yeah i mistakenly added Bart's Casino to act 3. fixed
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  • Lukeyboy554
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    edited March 2016
    Thanks for the clear guide mate!
  • cvf007
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    edited March 2016
    Hoping last minute we get a casino mon-o-rail station since we were given a holiday one during the christmas event. My "perfect dream" Springfield Heights would have the mall and casino with their perspective mon-o-rail,stations connected

    My regular town would have the other stations connecting
  • TriniDemGirl
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    edited March 2016
    Hey should I get the pyramid casino or,,, the orange leprechaun! I was saving up but now can't decide..

    Edit.. omg so I ended up buying the leprechaun...but now, I can't find him in my town,,,, I still have that flag he came with, and he's not in the town hall list
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