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Find Maggie Glitch (Krusty Burger)

I think this may be in one of the other maggie glitch conversations - but I don't remember if there was a fix.....................


  • mjmikulski
    47 posts Member
    edited March 2016
    I never had this, I however am currently experiencing the lack of maggie's pacifier sounds while trying to find her. It's completely silent, luckily she only goes to a handful of buildings.
  • amsprink134
    133 posts Member
    edited March 2016
    I have the same glitch, I think. Maggie is always on my main Krusty Burger (the one with the Krusty Murder skin), but when I tap her on this building or around the building, it never registers. I always store this Krusty Burger before playing the find Maggie game. After I find Maggie for the day, I take this Krusty Burger out of my inventory. I then temporarily have "two" Maggies -- real Maggie and then the image of Maggie on top of my Krusty Burger. It is slightly annoying, but at least I am still able to play the find Maggie game.
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