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Do You Think That There Will Be a Chapter Three for Springfield Heights?



  • yankeenat
    2 posts
    edited March 2016
    Is there any way to turn off all the heights stuff. I don't have time to do it no it's taking over my task list!!
  • susanmtate32
    372 posts Member
    edited March 2016
    I'm not really fussed, as long as it carries on along the same lines as current, I.e. no timings etc.

    I've only just hit 500M (and the last 100m is thanks to my mum :lol: )! I just have no motivation for it at all :(

    For those of you wondering, I'm 28 not 8.. My mum just needed something to pass the time during a bathroom revamp :lol:
  • lucajick
    138 posts Member
    edited March 2016
    Badlands must be in the same map! We don't want another krustyland...
    And to fill the left side of SH with the desert is the perfect way!
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