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Help! I am stuck

There are two parts to the task, one is to "Take Firemen Fight the Police Station Fire", but the other half is to collect 800 gold medals (assuming you are on part 5). Until both parts are completed, the fire won't go out, so you probably still need to get those 800 medals.


  • 4junk3000
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    The task includes collecting the required amount of medals too, not just extinguishing the building fire.

    Keep reassigning them until you collect the amount needed.

    Edit: ninja'd!

    So I'll add: after the PD fire, there's an extra character per fire. So the next one at the school, is Lisa.
    RESTART LISA AT THE SCHOOL BEFORE COMPLETING THE TASK, so she contributes one last time before moving on to the next fire. Same with Wiggum and Otto for the fires after that.

    Just a little extra medal earning that way.

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    Thanks all of you. Going to play now
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