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Burning Police Station

stephtog wrote:
My police station is on fire and it doesn't go out when I tap it - is this a glitch or am I missing something?

I just got the fire engine if that helps!


Ignore me I've just realised that's part of a quest!!

Now I feel like a right idiot :oops:

LOL. I did the same thing! It was making me nuts, because I assumed it was burning because one of my neighbors must have tapped it. But when I tried to put the fire out, all that happened was that stupid siren. Couldn't clear it.

Finally, I realized that I hadn't collected enough medals to complete that stage of the questline. So I sent my firemen back in to fight the police department fire some more, and make some medals while they did it.


  • johncolombo
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    I made this mistake as well
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  • telethore
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  • simp7fan
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    My school was on fire. I went to put it out but it continued to burn. I mean, a neighbor lit a fire and I clicked the fire hat, but I was on that part of the quest so it never stopped burning. Well, I thought it was humorous....
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  • Gary_A_D
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    A task won't complete just because the Fire Volunteers jobs are done. It completes after you also have the required medals.
  • Samaranth01
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    I've tapped mine several times, forgetting it doesn't work on that one. :lol:
  • Osg00d
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    Did this also, you are not the only idiot here!
  • stephtog
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    Well I'm very glad it wasn't just me!!!! :lol:

    Thanks everyone!!!
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