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Simple mind, simple pleasures

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Crack that whip.
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  • TwigletStyx
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    Most. Excellent. Idea. :thumbup:
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  • simp7fan
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    That's Devo, not Simple Minds.
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  • TAGSfan60982
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    74hands wrote:
    The latest quest is adequate in my books. Not great, but no Easter fiasco. However, I was getting a bit bored finding and capturing bandits. Then I noticed the sound of capturing bandits, which is obviously a rope being thrown, sounds a bit like a whip (without the crack at the end). So for my own amusement, here's what I now do on my iPad:

    Turn off TSTO background music

    Move to clear area of town and wait 10 minutes until all my bandits have congregated there

    Go to Music and put on Whip It by Devo

    Go back to TSTO and whip my bandits, whip them good! :D

    As I said, simple mind, simple pleasures. :mrgreen:
    love it! You could also have Smithers Whipping it Good too
  • someonewashere
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    simp7fan wrote:
    That's Devo, not Simple Minds.

    Dont you forget about me......


    Play the other one.
  • sealley123
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    Good ol Devo and their upside down flowerpot caps. Love it!
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