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Tapped Out vs The Quest if Stuff vs Avengers Academy

There's some things in all of the games I like, and some I don't...though quest for stuff has more I don't like.

TSTO-Been around a long time and not everything is premium, they have a good balance.

Quest for Stuff- well they release updates in small batches to players randomly to test it before they release it to everyone. But pretty much every event requires you to grind away or spend money...and they come back to back, so when one ends you're already starting another. And you have practically no land.

Avengers Academy- pretty new but I enjoy it so far. The events aren't a constant stream. I'm hoping they release more levels soon so we can unlock more land, but at least they finally made it where you can store things.

Since Avengers Academy is new, I go for that first so I guess right now it is my favorite...until TinyCo messes it up.


  • Shirtless_Willie
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    edited May 2016
    Haven't tried Avengers yet since my old tablet doesn't have enough memory for another game, but my biggest time sinks and the ones I'd recommend to others from among the games I play are Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and Tapped Out. From what I've seen though AA is like GoH in that you recruit characters, get them to higher levels, gear them up, etc to make them stronger then put together a team for fights so if you like that style of game I'd go with AA. TSTO an FGQFS are both city builders based on their respective properties, but Simpsons is vastly superior to FG. They both do frequent long events, where in the Simpsons they can actually be completed as a free player if a decent amount of effort is put in FG are impossible to finish free, and still damned hard if you pay. In addition Simpsons runs much better. I have something like 150 characters and I can have every one of them doing visible outdoor tasks with no problems. FG freezes and crashes constantly. The player advice on its forum is to store everything you don't need out and to keep characters on non visible indoor tasks whenever possible.
  • 1louisobyrne
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    edited May 2016
    TSTO has been so well balanced from day 1. TSTO has to be the only game where you can feel like a completionist while staying freemium. All the event prize tracks (except the Scottish one grr) have been achievable as a freemium player. If I ever get another goddamn iTunes voucher, it's going on donuts, no doubt.

    FG i played for four months or so when it came out. Too much content with too little engagement. The events were somehow far more grindy too.
  • Bukka|keSamu
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    edited May 2016
    TSTO is far more superior to FG:TQFS, the mechanics of TQFS are rough and like others have said its a lot more grindy than TSTO.

    I haven't tried AA yet so I can't say anything about that; I can't stay clean.
  • Turkey1010
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    edited May 2016
    Going to go download Avengers after this post, didn't know about it

    Love tapped out, been playing for many years now, I can't remember how many... but I'm fairly certain it was before I got with my fianc?e and this October will be 4 years so... love it. Love it. Live it...errr..love it :)

    FG I downloaded about two months ago or so... and I agree with Sakura that it's too much too fast with everything costing real money. I have spent peal money on TSTO, but ive also been playing it for about half a decade... FG Def not my favorite but I'm still playing it... well see..
  • Phinnea
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    edited May 2016
    Tapped Out - well balanced game you can play Freemium or any level of Premium you like and it's fun. Good info on helpful forum. Frequent events different enough if you don't like one you might still love the next.

    FG:TQFS - Psychotic programming - for years Cleveland cost 400 clams, last event they gave him away. Drop rates completely random. Events last 4-5 weeks always fall a week or two behind over the course of them. Impossible to complete without spending a lot of money. And yes, you have to store most of the stuff for it to run. My philosophy has become take what you can get and do not sweat about trying to get anything much. And yet, there's something about it. I'm still playing it. Perhaps it's a masochistic streak in me, but I'm more inclined to think it's almost a great game. If only they learned to program it properly.

    AA - played for a few weeks/months and dropped it because of lack of time. Proves Tiny Co can program if they want to. It's rational, freemium play is fun. I was able to progress at a decent rate. But there's something dull about it. Maybe it's just because I'm not into the characters, but I stopped playing one busy week and haven't gone back.
    phinneacttf in the Crawl to the Finish
  • ephphoneapps
    4070 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    AA is getting most of my attention these days. Fantastic content and animations (almost every task is visible). Plus, it's the Marvel license so they can use all the characters.

    TSTO is still good, and this Level 60 weirdness has brought the focus back to the game.

    FGQFS... I still play every day, but they've provided too much content with a dire shortage of game area, and the event mechanics are just too complicated. A couple of years ago it was perfect.
  • SquirrelLadd
    1667 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    Tapped out is my favourite....ILOVEIT

    I tried Family Guy for a few months but it seemed too crowded, too much grinding and I lost interest.

    I hadnt heard about Avenger Academy, so cant comment but might give it a try
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