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Error in donut boxes?

At level 939 I need 1M XP to get donut boxes and so I rarely ever get more than two boxes in one shot from my small but continuous KEM farm.

HOWEVER, when I was at the 40k xp per level stage, I had placed a long line of bloodmobiles that should have netted dozens of donut boxes... but after opening my second or third set of donuts, the game crashed with the Bart screen. When I re-launched the game, I only got one donut box instead of the dozens I should have had.

From there on I was careful and did just a few bloodmobiles per shot. Took forever but was worth it.

In any case, I can't speak to your specific problem- my KEM farm generates 1.7M of XP so it's very easy to see each time that I'm getting what I'm supposed to be getting. I haven't had any instance of a missing donut box yet.


  • petehd14
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    edited June 2016
    It doesn't eat the boxes. It loses track of the XP gained if you are too slow. The best way is to let the xp collect between bloodmobiles and not try to do it all at once.
  • monduboiss937
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    edited June 2016
    Problem is as I increased my multiplier, a bloodmobile sometimes should give me 2 rounds (like almost getting to 1 million xp when I buy it, so it should give me 2 rounds), even then it eats one round and only gives me one. Also I want to use big items to save time (would be wonderful if ea makes the wait between boxes or the wait to click ok much shorter) like prison bus (burnt out from kem farming) but it eats 25% of my boxes... There isn't any easy way to do it without losing donuts, except to buy many weather stations just enough for one round, again and again and again.... Just can't do it. Please let me know if anyone else is having problem, and if there is a solution, thanks
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    edited July 2016
    I don't know about quick lvup but in the last 30 days with just the xp generator going, I've been losing donuts almost everytime I lvup. It'll show I got 3, the counts up and later my donuts down 2. I'll get a ticket together to handle it next week. Prior to this I did the blood/gen to get to lv 939 quickly (but after the fix) and I didn't know if I was getting the shaft there too.
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