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I want to buy...but donut shy

Might want to give a few more details ...
How many donuts do you have??
Are you a Freemium player ??
What is your Conformity Bonus % at ect ect ??

If you are a grinder type of player I would suggest pumping your donuts into conformity bonus until you are at a nice % to get some return on your grinding play.

Generally as a long time Freemium player myself I was most happy purchasing new caracters rather than skins of one off decorations.

Edit: As a premium purchase I am most happy I purchased the submarine as it slowly gives me a nice return of boardwalk tiles above the standard max.


  • smohqy
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    edited July 2016
    Buy white fences.
  • daved7637397
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    edited July 2016
    I got Plopper myself a few days ago and he's quickly become one of my favorite charicters. His tasks and his "superpower" are hysterical
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  • maggiesmob
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    edited July 2016
    Recently I made a couple of purchases that were meh...Duff Gardens and Fruit Batman. Now I'm afraid to buy anything else with donuts because I don't want to be disappointed again. I'm interested in plopper or a president, but not sure if I want to spend donuts. How do you deal with the disappointment and loss of precious donuts when a character is underwhelming...do you move on? Any advice on future superheroes event purchases? Thanks!

    It's always good to check neighbours that have an item to what something looks like when placed in a town.
    (I have a few completionist friends that always buy everything on offer).
    I usually read through tsaddicts should-I- buy-posts (SIBs) and comments relating to before a possible purchase.
    What kind of visual taks do they have? Would it look nice in your town? What does it do? Do you get % from it? How big or small is it?
    I'm a mostly freemium player so I generally consider very carefully what I spend my donuts on. Plopper was one I just really wanted so I didn't hesitate and I still love to see him mucking around in the mud, but it's impossible to say whether everyone else would like him, or get bored quickly.

    Skins for characters are often relatively expensive and unless you know you're going to use them all the time or you really need one for an event I'd pass. I do have Fruit-Batman and while I don't really regret getting him too much I don't really use the skin ( I usually have Burns swimming in his money pool :D )
    Personally I was never interested in Duff Gardens or most of Gil's Deals because they are usually pricey and/or don't fit my town. With the exception of Teddy and the National Park, which vamoosed before I even had time to think about it, I generally give Gil Deals a pass.
  • heyababy47428
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    edited July 2016
    Take comfort that while burns is wearing the fruit bat costume he's earning money at a premium rate and other people are VERY jealous that you have a Duff Gardens and they do not, the Gil deal that offered them disappeared for tons of folks if they declined it when it was first offered.
    I bought all the presidents, they're all great and well done characters with nice visual tasks and buildings. you can't really go wrong there.
    If you love farts, you'll love Plopper. His building farts when you tap it and he farts on his enemies to defeat them in battles.
  • ArmpitAttack
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    edited July 2016
    I'm a lot like Jesus and my rants on here usually tell the truth about whether premium items are crappy or awesome. Others will sometimes delude themselves into saying stuff like the yellow sub was worth it, but I'll generally fess up to it if I've made a terrible mistake. So I suggest myself as wise counsel in these matters ---->

    Very few premium items will knock your socks off. Like, if you buy one and then look at it and say, "Alright, now proove to me that you were worth the money!" most of them won't be up to the task, you know? The best bet at in-game happiness comes from just knowing in advance that you like something from the show and that having it in your town will give you a warm fuzzy feeling no matter how underwhelming the item actually performs once you own it. Then, some of them will pleasantly surprise you by doing something hilarious in the game too as a bonus.

    The key to being okay with FruitMan was to know going in that he was an Imitation super hero (vigilante group), and his powers would be a bust. It is kind of odd that he wasn't included with the mansion gang. And yes, Duff Gardens was a bad move. They're trying to get us to make bad impulse purchases like that by shortening the time Gil deals stay in the store. There will always be people who fall for it and say they have no regrets, but all that prooves is they should not be listened to as part of your shopping process. If it feels to you like an incomplete item that's not ready for prime time when you look it over in a friend's town, trust your gut because you'll have that same feeling once you own it. Whenever I want to tap on one of those beer pyramids or aquariums, I can do so for free by just doing it during visits. Oh well, we live and we spend and we learn. Moving on...

    The guys up next (competition for Plopper) are Collider (Boba Fett suit hero who pets a kittay) and Milo (cool guy with cooler shop than ComicBookMan's). Plopper probably has both of them beat in terms of long term value added to your town. After them, Act III and RadioactiveMan--one of those rare items I want so much that I'm not going to count the cost.

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