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Monorail Mystery Track "Curved rails" problem

Awwww.... A monorail newbie...

Yup, you're gonna have a LOT of curves, s-curves, and short pieces before you're through. You just have to keep churning them out every week until you have what you need.

What I did: I decided what I wanted my monorail system should look like (a simple loop around the edge of town) then placed my stations. Then I hooked them up piece by piece. It took seemingly forever to finish it, but now it's done and I have gobs of extra track if I decide to do something else.

I just used a batch of it to spell out UPDATE in my town for my neighbors who don't follow the forum.


  • johncolombo
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    I've had the monorail since it first came out. Not counting the pieces that used I just looked in my inventory.
    I have:

    269 straight
    218 curved
    179 s
    230 short

    The pieces I have out are mostly straight. Hope that helps.
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