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Tasks highlighted in yellow....won't go away.

MamaLuck wrote:
I've noted that on some of my characters (Homer, for example) when I click on him to give him a task to do, the "Race Go Karts" task is always highlighted in yellow (the way it would be when you're supposed to do that task to complete a job in an event). I've had him do this task repeatedly and yet it's still highlighted yellow like it has to be done.
Any thoughts on why this is?

It’s a glitch. One other user reported the same problem in the Bugs & Issues sub-forum. Similar bugs have cropped up in the past associated with earlier events; they’ve typically been eventually cleaned up by updates. You might consider contacting EA on the off chance they aren’t already aware of the issue.


  • mr_skeltal_80
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    Have you tried nuking?
  • MamaLuck
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    edited August 2016
    Ok thanks for the responses. :)
    Nooooo......no nuking lol. I've come wayyyyy too far to do that lol. 8)
  • spritals148
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    I had the same issue with a different quest line action and had to uninstall and reinstall game. I log in through EA and dispite a lot of breath holding, it worked out with town in tact and quest line squared away. Maybe try a reboot first though :) post it to EA too.

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