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What Changed With the EA Forum Update? (Update: 10/19)

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October 19th (Forum back Patch 6)
  • The banner was (finally) updated to the current non-event splashscreen.
September 24th (Forum back Patch 5)
  • Profiles can now be edited.
September 23rd #5 (Forum back Patch 4)
  • Images can't be added using the forum storage anymore.
September 23rd #4 (Forum back Patch 3)
  • Posts can be edited indefinetly.
September 23rd #3 (Forum back Patch 2)
  • New Senior Mods were removed.
September 23rd #2 (Forum back Patch 1)
  • Login is reenabled.
  • Some users were promoted to Senior Mods.
September 23rd #1 (Forum back)
  • Forum is back.
  • Login is disabled.
  • The whole forum got updated to the latest version of the software.
  • You can't do lists anymore easily.
  • All users have less edit abilities:
    1. You can't edit a post anymore after one hour.
    2. All HTML is disabled. (That's bad for my posts with maaaaaany links)
    3. The body of the text is limited. (Ouch)
  • Edit button has been moved to the clog button.
  • All old post before the flood (references) are locked thanks to the 1 hour limit.
  • Editing profiles is limited.
  • Text spacing is weird.
  • Some buttons (like text size) were removed while others were grouped.
  • Images can be attached directly on forum.
  • Signatures are disabled.
  • Spam check is disabled.
  • Forum notifications ala Facebook has been added.
  • Quick edit was removed.
  • The Emoticons that starts with a : are easily accessible now by inputing the : in the message area.
  • Quick reply is automatically enabled.
  • Forum links are different and now also contain the name of the thread, like WordPress' posts.
  • Normal users can't create polls.
  • Fast replies stays there till posted even if browser is closed.
  • The abbreviation st and Mona are no longer censored.
  • Clicking on a post takes you to the last message sent instead of opening it.
  • Spoilers tag was added.
  • New emojis were added.
  • #hashtagging was added.
  • PMs can no longer be deleted by selecting all, only one on one by opening them.
  • Old PMs need to be deleted again, showing only the user being in the conversation.
  • A minimum of 5 characters are needed to post something (emojis don't count).
  • Giving a reason to the edit of a post is not needed anymore.
  • The code for lists was changed so old lists don't work correctly anymore
  • PMs can't be titled anymore.
  • A badge/achievements system was been added.
  • Images are automatically resized to fit the forum area.
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