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This game needs Solitaire

Simpsons Solitaire. Something we can do while we're waiting for stuff to happen that doesn't involve using any characters.
Why Solitaire:
  1. It's an easy program to write - I wrote one so that must be a true statement
  2. The card images already exist from the Burns' Casino event
  3. It's something easy to do but interesting enough to keep our attention in the game
  4. Homer's House of Cards could be used as the launching point - anybody who doesn't have it could be given it as part of a mini event, then it could be worked into the game like the Monorail was.
They could even give us prizes for winning a hand - Heights currency or something.


  • Good idea
    We'll chew this planet up and spit it out!
  • I don't see the need, but I'm for it. And Snake, please.
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  • Love this idea, free cell was the best time killer at work.
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  • Love this idea, free cell was the best time killer at work.

    like the ideas but its somthing i don't think i wouldn't use much though

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  • Definitely a good idea. I'd be happy with a little time-killer like this when there's nothing to do inbetween events
  • Hmm, I never even played solitaire (yeah, I know, shocking) but that sounds like a good idea.
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  • I think this is the best idea I have heard in a long time. I just hit a billion in Springfield heights while the fourms were on vacation and with all the grinding involved it would have been a great thing to pass the minutes waiting for items to finish.
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  • @daved7637397 , I LOVE that idea, for when characters are making those SH materials. It would work for the Railyard, too, right? That would be perfect. :)
  • I have a solitaire game on my tablet, don't think we need one inside tapped out
  • I don't see why the casino features were disabled to begin with. They obviously were in there during the Casino event, I never knew why they got rid of the features....I understand it as part of an an event except those features were pretty cool and they went great with the buildings they gave us. The buildings should still have that feature in them and like you said turn them into currency prizes that way we can always use the buildings year round if we run out of heights currency. And also give out donuts here and there depending on how good the hand is. It's a great idea.
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  • semi-related, I recently realized that the scratch off screen doesn't allow you to back out of it (unless I'm missing something). You have to complete the scratching and get your prize. Most of the newer mini games they've implemented have some backout method.
  • I would love this, especially when you have to wait just a few minutes before Maggie's game or Homer's "trip".
  • I had forgotten about the casino games! They would be great, even if the prizes are minimal.
    Nothing as loud as the silentmiaow.
  • One of my favourite games is solitaire, so I'd be happy with it.
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  • Which version of solitaire? I prefer spider or Yukon
  • 1pillform wrote: »
    I don't see why the casino features were disabled to begin with...
    All the casino mini games were fun. Each one could've had its own SH currency as a prize. In fact, since there were multiple levels of winning, the "jackpot" could've given the biggest prize while the regular winnings would've given smaller ones like they had during the event.

    It's never too late to add those features back developers! I could use all the help I can get to reach that dreadful billion dollar mark in SH. :D
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  • Brilliant idea. I play solitaire often especially Spider Solitaire and Free Cell. Forty Thieves is good too.
  • Rich0913 wrote: »
    I have a solitaire game on my tablet, don't think we need one inside tapped out

    Yeah, I have one too. But I have to close Tapped Out to play it. Then a timer will go off and I have to quickly close the game and open Tapped Out (which takes FOREVER) to get to whatever has finished.

    I envision something like a popup window with the game visible behind it. Set up so you could pause solitaire and do your game stuff, then pick the game back up where you were.
  • ^ Great idea! I also like the idea of the casino games giving out SH currency.
  • free cell or MahJong for me.... but yes bring back the casino games for SH currency!!!!
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