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Can anyone help me with any none cheat tips for getting donuts ,glitchs, hidden bonuses etc ,I've hit homer 20 times n doe that one,please saving without cheating is hard ,none cheat tips welcome
Thank you


  • Buy them.
  • If you're new to the game it can be really hard to build up your donut supplies if you can't buy any @sixtoes76802 :( we've all been there - I've never bought a single one and it's tough when they release lots of good items you can't buy with in game cash. Honestly though, there's no quick fix. Buy as many properties as you can so you have a steady cash flow coming in. Make sure you have 5 stars in your conformeter so you get as much as you can each time you collect. Send people on appropriate time tasks - if you sleep 8 hours send characters on 8 hour tasks.
    Keep your eyes peeled on the forum for any glitches people come across that may be beneficial.
    Good luck tapper B)
  • cdepast
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    Work the monorail and your daily challenges they will add up fast. And if you can afford it, buy some donuts to support the games development.
  • The daily challenge is a good way to collect extra donuts. Besides giving them for 5, 10, and 15 day completions tasks often reward donuts. If you get a task that pays cash often you can get a better reward by taking the alternate task. More times than not the second tasks pays donuts or a heights reward. To skip the task click the corner x and it will ask if you want to skip. A second task comes up.

    The train station tasks have gotten easier so that is an easy 5 with like 2 days work with little effort.
    Finding Maggie is another easy 3 donut payout.

    Visiting friends regularly will earn a few donuts a week as they pop up at least every other day. You can add me - kalfini

    Lastly playing like mad on events then reaping the bonus donuts.

    Not sure where you are level wise but keep tapping. Donuts are a lot easier to come by now than in the past.
  • Get your multiplier up, and don't forget KEM farming.
  • petehd14
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    The railyard, the daily bonus, and doing neighbor visits are the best ways to get free donuts when you are starting out. If you want to donut farm in the future you should collect items with bonuses and make sure they are all out of storage. The Beach Hideaways are the best, followed by the Jet Engine Bikes. The Springfield Heights Mansions, Business Centers, Condos, and Private Islands together contribute 153% xp, which will help you to level up and earn bonus donuts once you pass Level 60.
  • none cheat tips welcome
    Thank you
    I have decided to honor your request for zero cheat tips.

  • What everyone said :) If you do spend some money on donuts and buy more building/character combos, it will help you earn more money faster. The faster you level up the more donuts you get :)
  • If you are free-kick like I am, unless you really want a certain character or two - make sure to save up your donuts.

    Sometimes during events, we can get offered rebate deals like the ones that happened most recently for Chester and Professor Frink during the most recent sci event.

    Also a big rebate sale for premium characters is almost definitely gonna happen during next month's Black Friday sales. So I would personally recommend to hold off buying any premiums until then.
  • The fastest way to get donuts is to buy them with real currency, dollars, euros, or whatever your country's currency is. Your other option is to farm donuts, which will take a lot of time and tapping, especially if you just starting playing recently. There's a very detailed article over at tstoaddicts that will explain how to farm donuts, just do a search for keyword "KEM" in the search box on that site. It contains the same information that we have been discussing on the forums, but with more charts and graphs. It's a grind to get a donut farming operation going, but it will be worth it in the end, you will never have to hesitate on buying premium characters, buildings, and decorations.
  • Only with hard work comes great rewards, cheating cannot get you far. If want instant gratification, spend real money to get donuts.
  • You gotta spend money to save money in this game. I've spent a good grand or so but now I'm free & premium. I haven't spent real money in over a year and I'm never under 2000 donuts.
  • I buy a boat load of donuts a year. I justify it by looking at the amount of time I play this game versus other entertainment. I can tell you there is no greater high than having a large sum of donuts and a blank canvas in front of you. It's still a grind to level up but it takes some pressure off.
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