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Beach Hideaway multiplier gone?



  • I am mad that i brought all 5 of them. This is a bait and switch
  • Keep in mind money%....if hidden xp well what about extra money %
  • JDRipper68 wrote: »
    I asked on "Answers EA" and here's the response:

    "All items that has the multiplier was adjusted
    meaning your total % is lower.
    this effects everyone.
    it is not a glitch or a bug
    this was done on purpouse"

    Yes...bait and switch. Sigh.

    The doesn't "effect" everyone; it "affects" everyone. Aside from the whole thing stinking, somebody needs some grammar help. Bugs the living daylights out of me...

    Wow, you're a jerk.

    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • Well, this really ticked me off. EA should confess that the a)screwed up initially and refund the doughnuts b)restore the bonus or refund the doughnuts.
  • 5% now? OK, I didn't really want to have to figure out a way to place all those pieces anyways. But, I bought them for the (earlier version) bonus, and even though I didn't buy all five, I'm not happy about this.

    EA does stuff like this every now and then, I suppose, and I'm glad it happened right before the holidays. Other years I've given my town some Christmas donuts, this year we are going on a budget. Cannot trust market, heh.
  • This is entirely unacceptable. They need to either restore the bonus or refund the donuts. The way they handled the tennis court issue was good, just removing the problematic item from the store and allowing the current ones to remain. This is not ok in the least.
  • I get that mistakes happen, but this one cost us real money.

    I got all five hideaways after grinding for days...the ONLY reason was for the multiplier.
    My husband didn't have as much time so purchased donuts to buy his.

    At MINIMUM a refund should be given to anyone who purchased donuts. Ideally, a sweeping donut refund to everyone who bought the hideaways.

    I've never considered quitting the game through all the many glitches (that time we were logging into someone else's town...and the nice people backed out, but the jerk who got my town spent all my money AND 300 donuts)...but this time it seems it was a willful action on their part. They knew. And let us continue to spend money. ActuaI money. I say grrrrr.

    Crap. I thought I'd feel better saying all that. :neutral:

  • chrisgyo
    1030 posts Member
    this is infuriating

    what is the link to best complain to someone? i got lost in maze trying to contact support

    please someone supply the link so that we can ALL complain and DEMAND a refund
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