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Bonus from Beach Hideaway lost with THOH 2016 update

Dear EA, after updating THOH 2016 my visible bonus percentage dropped exactly 15% which was, when I last checked, the sum of bonus for my 1 Beach Hideaway.

Anyone else with this problem?



  • I have the same problem. Only bought those things because of the bonus increase. Please fix...
  • Yep, and according to the EA Answers page, this is not a bug, this is planned by them. Officially. So they have admitted to a bait and switch action. Completely unacceptable. We need to make sure they know that now.
  • Another Bait and Switch by EA for sure... we all are down the % for the beach houses... BOOO EA, BOO!
    PM me- I DO need Good Neighboreenos currently
  • Just noticed that after putting two hideaways on inventory they dissapeared. All the extra attachments are there, but not the main upgradable "building". Does anyone have this issue too?
  • It's a shame.
    EA should return us the donuts we spend !
  • Since the beach hideaways are now 75% useless compared to what they were when we bought them, EA should compensate us by returning 75% of the doughnuts we spent on them, or 150 doughnuts in my case. That still doesn't compensate us for the hours we spent in SH upgrading the things. I was finished with SH, and didn't even consider buying the hideaways, except for the bonus they provided....75% of which was taken away! What a sneaky, dishonest, unethical thing to do! Make it right, please!

    P.S. I am so furious over this, I seriously doubt that I will ever by doughnuts from EA again. That company does not deserve to be rewarded with my money when they pull tricks like this. I still won't buy Gil's Deals because of the one I really wanted that got pulled a day after it was released and never cane back, even though it was supposed to have been there for a week. ><
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