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Monster Battle fighters question:

So what's the deal with not being able to send all available characters to fight. Am I missing something? Also, my first set of battles I was able to send 3 characters. My second attempt it only let me send 2. Is this how it's working for everyone else?


  • Just asked the same question in another post. Wonder why....
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  • My question is: who on Earth thought it would be a good idea to have characters fighting a giant toothed **** that squirts green goo. Seriously?! Is this why they ask for a player's age? How did this make it off the cutting room floor?
  • I have a new character that "can" battle, but can't even do a second battle so no clue what will happen.
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  • Posted this in the other Monster fighters thread, can only send 2 in one town but 4 in the other. Weird.
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