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Halloween 2016 Update

My app won't download the new update. I tried uninstalling and trying again to no avail. Any ideas?


  • Big82S
    570 posts Member
    Also there is supposed to be a thing in you're buy options when you click view and look In the event items. 60 donuts to spin to win a random prize. I don't have that I need my game. Wonder if others having that same problem.
  • Nothing happening on my games either. Well on my phone game (have two games my iPad game and iPhone) nothing s happening there either other than I was told I had received sugar cane as a prize but clicking on it causes my phone tapped out to crash.

  • jbirdjavi
    2 posts New member
    Try turning off your Wifi and opening Tapped Out. That seems to be working for many people.
  • It is kind of annoying when your game won't update , and your neighbours have updated, looks like will have to sit halloween out, hope it updates for Christmas, major bug this time
  • Icon has updated for me but not the gameplay
  • ios 10.0.2 ipad no data wifi only. Updated got Halloween start screen event won't trigger. Everybody free. Tried shutting down ipad restarting, uninstalling reinstalling, updating again, signing out then back in. Nothing works. Playing since the very start (years)
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