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Monster Battle

Yeah, so the monster battle count down never makes its past 2hrs approx. 45 mins before it resets back to 4 hours...
I haven't sent anyone again since their first battle. Ouff, what a waste; it's so annoying.


  • Not able to store it and place it out again either. Logging off doesn't help. If anything, it will reset again.
  • Mine went from 38 minutes after the first 3 battles to 3 hours 5 minutes to 3 hours 48 minutes on subsequent log ins. People at The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts Forums are posting it as a common occurrence as well. They have to patch this Wednesday or it will be impossible.
    On iPad fully updated to latest iOS 10 plus.
  • Same here. I finished my first round of battles last night around 8:30pm and the timer said 3 hrs and 8 mins. I thought that was a random amount of time but didn't think much of it. 3 hrs later I opened the game and the timer said 3 hrs and 12 minutes. I was able to send two characters to fight around 6am this morning but the timer still seems to be acting strangely.
  • Same issue. Not able to fight any monsters after Homer completed his quest to fight a large monster. Although my timer did get to saying I could fight more in under an hour. Android phone, so it's not a problem associated with only one operating system
  • Yeah, I was able to send two more into battle today too. One less than yesterday.
    I think there's a bug that will cause the timer to act up if you check in to the monster battle tab at all during the waiting period. I dunno. Just a theory.
  • Add me and my 2 sons to the list. We're all having problems with the monster timer never getting to zero
  • Timer resets ech time you log in. Workaround is to only log in 1x every 4 hours.
  • I'm also having a problem with the number of characters and monsters I can fight. When I first logged in today, I had the option to fight four monsters. Now I only have two monsters I can fight. It also doesn't allow me to have multiple characters fight one monster.
  • Timer resets ech time you log in. Workaround is to only log in 1x every 4 hours.
    If you are lucky and you don't get kicked out while playing...
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