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It's good that they changed the needed XP from 1m to 10m

I just had to tell this now. So many people are complaining about this and I can totally understand that but they really need to see what was happening instead of just thinking it was a bad change.

EA is not making this game because they want us to have fun. That is a result, but the main point is to make money! With the possibility of getting so many donuts each day it made them lose a lot of money because people could "grind" the donuts instead of buying them.
Theoretically it would be possible to get donuts, buy things with a multiplier, get more donuts and at some point you would have an almost unlimited amount of donuts to spend without having to pay any money to EA.
And that is (obviously) NOT good. The point of the bonus donuts is that they are a BONUS and not that they are the main way of getting them. With the change from 1m to 10m you still get the BONUS donuts but now they are a BONUS again.

I get that people tried to get a higher multiplier and bought stuff (for example the Beach Hideaways) in order to be able to farm more donuts, but really, that is not the way this game should be played and it would be selfdestructive if EA didn't change anything about it.

I hope everyone who wants it gets their donuts back from buying the Beach Hideaways because they changed it without a notice and you bought it while it was different. But I also hope that people understand that this change was needed and is a good change.

Just my 2 cents.


  • What do you mean? As in it took a million XP to level up and now it's 10 million?
  • I have no issues with them raising the bonus from 1 to 10 million. Its within their rights. Though i do think it sucks cause id like it to be easier to get free donuts lol but like i said well within their rights. WHAT IS NOT RIGHT is selling a premium item that pays out a certain amount only for an update to come along after everyone has bought them and take away 75% of that PREMIUM items payout and then tell people "Sorry wasnt suppose to be like that." Screw that and screw them
  • The change may make sense going forward, but to retroactively apply the decrease in multiplier for the beach hideaway add-ons is nothing short of "bait and switch." EA can either give us back the donuts we spent (and take back the items, for all I care) or give us back the multiple for those already in our towns. Nothing else would be fair.
  • Except I WON'T be spending any more money on the game. Set up as it was, I was routinely in a position to NEARLY have enough donuts to get premium stuff, so id drop a fiver here and a tenner there to top up what I already had.
    I was freemium until the 939 came into play. THAT is when I started spending money on this game.

    But between the Beach Hideaway and this, EA won't be getting any more of my money.
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    I do hope this game sticks around for a little bit longer, like another 3.5 years that I have been playing. And the truth of the matter is that the only way it will stick around is if it is profitable. EA needs to be able to pay the developers their fees and the only way that will happen is if we pay EA. It stinks but it is the world.

    It was nice to be able to level up so easily with the 1 Million XP, it was good while it lasted, and at least we had that time to use it. I am a premium player, I have paid for donuts and I have bloodmobile'd donuts.

    In truth, I was surprised that the donut bonus was only 1 million when they did it, I knew it wouldn't last forever.
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  • The XP change from 1m to 10m is disappointing, but as several others have said, I can't say I'm surprised.

    I am very unhappy with the beach hideaway change. Probably not going to ask for my donuts back, since the new multiplier is reasonable and I hate dealing with EA's horrible customer service. Instead, I just won't be buying donuts going forward.
  • The change may make sense going forward, but to retroactively apply the decrease in multiplier for the beach hideaway add-ons is nothing short of "bait and switch." EA can either give us back the donuts we spent (and take back the items, for all I care) or give us back the multiple for those already in our towns. Nothing else would be fair.

    So much this. I wouldn't have been nearly as upset about this if I hadn't dropped 200 donuts to get a higher multiplier just a week ago.

    I think increasing the level xp is a short sighted and bad move though. It will do little to stop the hardcore grinders who were willing to build 100-200 KEMs at a time and have 1000+ multiplier. All it's doing is cutting off and alienating the more casual players who were getting a boost from it.

    A much better idea would have been to keep increasing the costs of the KEMs where they'd start costing 100k plus for each one after 35 or 40 or so. That would allow everyone to continue to get an extra boost without anyone being able to rake in bonuts by the hundreds every day.
  • I'm only at 598, so I can't really judge the effect of upping the XP until I reach the max level. But EA's timing was horrible. Doing that AND taking away the Beach Hideaway multiplier in the same day really **** a bunch of people.
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  • The only real money I've ever spent on the game was AFTER I reached the max level and was able to farm a small amount of donuts a day. Now I probably won't do that because premium event stuff will be too out of reach
  • 1mil- may have been too little - but 10mil is too much.... middle ground here would have pleased everyone a lot more than over-boosting and only worrying on their bottom line, I am not surprised to see people ready to leave between this and the Hideaway fiasco
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  • Give your two cents to EA if you think they're so hard up. Understand that their revenue from mobile gaming continues to climb and "donut" purchases only represent a small piece of that pie. From the concepts of gamification, they've made this experience less enjoyable for their users by removing the frequency of rewards.

    EA is not a mom and pop local business that is seeing their profits dwindle because someone figured out a way to get a few free donuts.
  • I don't mind them raising the xp to stop donut farmers (THIS IS YOUR FAULT FOR CONSTANTLY RUBBING IT IN THEIR FACES) but they better start offering more prizes for in game cash
  • I'm surprised they keep the million XP limit as long as they did. Be glad for the surplus of donuts EA allowed us to get. Back in the old days we were lucky to get a donut a month. . . And we liked it.
  • Exactly what @mrmojorisin147 said. I've played games like this long enough to know how it goes. I know from first hand experience that companies like EA are not losing $ on the ppl that grind for donuts. Let's be real, folks wiling to dedicate that amount of time and energy to that scale is a very small percentage of people actually playing. There are 1000's to hundreds of 1000's of people playing that aren't here. Simpsons is not a small-helpless-broke-reaching into their dusty pockets for coffee change-industry!! They are a Franchise, and maybe they aren't making as much as the did in the beginning but they aren't heading to the well-fare office either.

    I and MANY like me, who aren't franchises and paid real money for those stupid donuts. I purchased something as it was and because of what was advertised!! Hell my multiplier is only 143%!! That was approx 15$ real money for the donuts to buy what was advertised.

    Seems small enough that a week from now most everyone will say "ah it's just a few cups of coffee" blah blah.

    But let's take a peak at the other side of this equation. There are more then 300 people that signed and said they had bought 1-5 of those hideaways. Let's say 10% farmed their donuts, so 270 people paid real money. I'll even estimate the amount to 10$ each to account for the lessor proportion that only bought 1-2 hideaways.

    This at the most basic terms is 2700$ now you want to guess how many people around the world, NOT on our little forum that ALSO paid their real $$$ We are an incredibly small portion of the players. I played almost a full year before getting to forum. Wanna estimate how many others are out there?

    None of this takes into consideration the other premium purchases large and small that we buy. I know folks that play freemium, but I know more that spend.

    Another point that premium items only cost ea $ in development and coding into the game. After that guess what, it cost them nothing, refunding our donuts is not the same as returning cash to my iTunes account!!! This isn't even equivalent to an in store trade! Oh and before anyone jumps on the 'server costs, over seeeing, bug patching (which they aren't real concerned with if their oops lasted several weeks!) etc. That is their Original cost of doing business!!!! Giving everyone back donuts just means they can get a different pretty picture for their towns! I can't really live in it, but I really did Pay for it!!!

    But the fog is already rolling over and everyone will just switch over to oh well.

    I love this game!! I spend hours working on my town, look at it and you'll see! I don't just stockpile crap everywhere, I work hard on leveling, I love the work they have done on this game and play it gladly. Give myself monthly money to splurge on the extras and support the developers! I choose to spend money to have fun.

    I am not the only one! We don't deserve to be ripped off this way. it's only about 10-15$ a person- for me, that's a lot. Collectively they made a pile, and to refund donuts doesn't cost them anything in real terms. Betrayed and bent over to take it?

    I'm reporting to BBB, iTunes and EA. Sad they don't just do the right thing. As it is, I had just bought THOH donuts to replace what I spent on hideaways before I found out about the lost %. I don't honestly think I would stomp my feet and say I'm not buying nothing no more! Again, I love the game, but that doesn't mean I should accept being ripped off as if i deserve it!
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  • chrisgyo
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    i'd say i'm more likely to spend money to be able to get a bigger multiplier...growing the multiplier and farming donuts is what intermediate players play for..why else send characters on tasks and accumulate money???

    if EA really want to make more money they should come up with better items to spend donuts on....get more people to spend their last donuts and have to buy more
    They can also bring out some good aspirationals so that the money cant be used for blood mobiles

    attacking the top 1% of players wont help
  • I have no issue with them altering the level up XP, but until they up the offer they made to me of 40 donuts to compensate for their removal of the beach hideaway multiplier I shall become a freemium player - I have enough donuts to see me through a few events and can grind the railway etc to earn free donuts. Ultimately it will be their revenue loss, I've purchased several boatloads in the 3 odd years I've been playing - not anymore. I refuse to line the pockets of a company that treats their customers with contempt. I work in a highly regulated industry - if my firm misrepresented a product to it's customers, change the terms retrospectively, they'd have the book thrown at them by our regulators and rightly so.
  • It's very frustrating that they changed the XP limits. Getting 10 million will take FOREVER! I understand why they had to change it, though, as like you said, who is going to bother spending donuts when you can get them for free?

    At least you get 900 free donuts from levelling up to 939! :smiley:
  • A couple of years ago when I started playing it was insanely hard to get "free" donuts then ea made it fairly easy. They probably saw a financial loss and decided to pull in the ranes a little.
  • I think a lot of comments on here are based on some very incorrect and invalid assumptions. My belief is that people should stop making assumptions on the financial impact on EA and think more as the consumers we are. EAs responsibility is to provide us a game that provides enjoyment. In return they receive our time, attention, and money. The more engaged they keep us, the more money they get. This is not about # of farmed vs purchased donuts. Somebody who feels engaged and entertained by the game will make their decision as to how much time, effort and money they want to put towards completing it.

    As a consumer, I feel that EA has disenfranchised a number of users by demonstrating their ability to take away parts of the game that people have come to enjoy without any prior notice or justification. Keep in mind that EA can pull this game at any time and shut off the servers in 30 days without any feelings of remorse to the consumer.
  • I agree with OP.

    I wonder what EA is going to do regarding the needed experience to gain a bonus level. I understand it's a bonus for a reason but it's only 3 donuts which will come really slow for a vast amount of players if it stays on the 10 million xp requirement.

    Combined with the barrage of premium items that we're getting bombarded with it's either buying donuts, farming them or give up on a lot of new content since events barely have items available for ingame cash anymore.

    We used to have this same limit. However, there were new levels added every month or so which would reset the xp necessary required for a bonus level. Though challenging, I believe that was a decent way to gain bonus donuts. Even better if the reset would come earlier.
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