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Just won a light up Elder God from the Insanity Cauldron

So that's pretty cool. Wondering if anything else was added for the event.


  • petehd14
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    That's been around since the Chilliad event. The prizes haven't changed as far as I know.
  • I keep getting pills :|
  • I got that as a prize months ago, right after the event ended
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  • I once got two gods in a row, lol. But that was months ago and it's been pretty dry since then.
  • I got one elder god, he's on my boardwalk. Super cool :) I like tapping the turtles lol rest is bonus :)
    Nothing as loud as the silentmiaow.
  • I try to play the cauldron game 3 times a day if I can but most days I play at least twice. I'm crazy about those cane fields! So far I've gotten about 10 of those and I actually have gotten 4 elder gods so far ☺
  • I've also gotten 4 of them in one of my games. Just 2 each in the other two games though.
  • A little PSA for those of you who haven't figured it out (and I'm embarrassed to say it's taken me this long); the game isn't how many turtles you can tap, it's how many times you can tap the turtles. By rapid tapping, you can easily get 3-4 taps off on a turtle while it's in mid-air before moving on to the next one. I went from averaging 25-30 turtles to 70-80 with this method.
  • No way??!! (Runs off to try)
  • So that's pretty cool. Wondering if anything else was added for the event.

    That's nothing new but congratulations.
  • This has been mentioned before, but if you're in a hurry...which I often am, you can forego the turtle-tapping, and use the back-arrow icon in the upper left. You will still get the base amount of cash and XPs, and this does not effect your chance of getting the additional prizes, like the Elder God, of cane fields.
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