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Foggy Swamp

So I was going through putting all my Beach hideaway items back out and I found this in my inventory, no idea where it came from. Can't find it on the prize tracks.


  • It came with the Crazy Iguana Lady skin for Crazy Cat Lady.
  • ahhhhhhh, thanks! YqSopty.gif
  • Still confused. So if you had CCL already, you received the skin and the swamp, if not, you received CCL, her house, and the skin? These were the only 2 options? And if you did not have CCL, you cannot get the swamp at this point?
  • @wagondriver4 yep you understand correctly

    Not missing all that much IMHO. Sorta neat tap animation but no bonus, task or association with a classic episode. Overall, meh
  • Vs1976
    875 posts Member
    I regret buying this...but got the sepulpher of evil for 60 donuts through the mystery o lantern. This makes up for it.
  • Ok misleading. I bought the whole bundle which is not whole. No wonder I can't find it.
    Nothing as loud as the silentmiaow.
  • lotusmantisx
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    edited October 2016
    Man this is bogus. This is the same thing they did with miss Springfield and the cat costume and the goldiggers sign during the casino event. Luckily in that situation I went into the regular part of the store menu, not the event part, and bought miss Springfield first, and then was able to purchase the costume and the sign. But I guess I'm screwed in this situation because I already bought the Iguana Lady bundle. :'( I want that swamp!
  • they want everyone to have a bundle experience. This way nobody feels left out because everyone is too busy feeling wierd. I like it. We shouldn't all want identical towns anyways.
  • I was pretty bummed out when I discovered that my Crazy Cat Lady bundle didn't come with the swamp. I think the swamp looks awesome! :(
  • Oh dang, I thought that the bundle came with all three, the house, the character and the swamp :(
  • Nope, If you didn't have crazy cat lady the bundle comes with her house, and the iguana skin. For the price (110) is a nice deal. But the down side is you don't get the swamp (which isn't that great).

    My opinion about crazy iguana lady is kind of biased. I already had crazy cat lady, and really liked her new skin, cause she looks prehispanic (kind of mayan) , and I have a prehispanic area in my springfield. The problem with the swamp is that doesn't pay out. Also she is not voice, except when battling the monsters (but that might be the iguanas). And she only have two outside tasks and no tasks in the swamp, so theres that. All her taks are in her house or the mayan calendar (without outside animation). However the train iguanas task is kind of funny.
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