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Gingerbread house event currency?


Does anyone know what event currency the gingerbread house earns, I'm torn between that and the CCL who I know is on a great deal but can't see much benefit relating to earning extra currency, for now at least?

Thanks. xx


  • The gingerbread house doesn't earn currency. Suzanne the witch,who comes with the house, has a task that earns 50 film every 4 hours.
    CCL doesn't earn event currency but she is able to fight.
    BulldogMom23 in Crawl to the Finish
  • No event currency. 300 cash and 30Xp
  • Ok thanks.
  • CCL can fight, getting 150 film every four hours (theoretically) while The Witch earns 50 ever 4 hours guaranteed. I bought CCL cos I didn't have her and the rebate was a great deal.
  • Thanks, I have just purchased the CCL as the payout was 3 times more so seems like the better option, plus she was cheaper on the offer, and she is pretty cool to have :-) Just trying to work out how to trigger multiple fighters against one monster after just seing a screenshot on another post.

    Still like the look of the gingerbread house so might get that too later!

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