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Hard to Get Mag Points

I already have 10 spooky houses, and 40 dead trees and a lot of the other things, I can't craft things to generate MAG points. This may be difficult.
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  • When you're looking at the craft item its description will say "earns "x" MAG points. Items from previous THOH don't earn any. There is a list on the strategy guide :)
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  • petehd14
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    Spooky Houses and Dead Trees don't pay MAG points when you craft them.

    There are some big MAG point items on the prize track.
  • Yeah the main way to get mag points is just to earn the main event currency (film) until you reach prizes normally and that busts out big chunks of MAG points, same as the last event to use this system. Then you can use a bit of strategy to choose how to supplement those MAG points by crafting & buying donut items that include a Mag boost.
  • I'm in the same boat but I'll wait to see how it pans out.

    Getting through the prize track and earning the MAG points proves to be a challenge but I feel no pressure to progress as of yet. I really like the pacing so far.
  • It seems a bit slow at the moment...but lots of the events start out this way. I'm sure it will get easier as the event progresses
  • My main complaint about the MAG point system is that this time around, there aren't really any interesting donut purchases that give MAG points. Not that they're necessary, I guess, but during the casino event, they had a lot of really neat items up for grabs. This time, all they have are rather boring buildings.

    I'm also not fond of the task unlocks being tied to this system.
  • It's not listed but iguana cat lady gives you a few MAG points.
  • I don't know how to raise MAG anymore. I maxed the crafting and did everything that gave mag points. At the 3rd or 4th prize on the main track (the one after the small Obol pack). But is there now no other way to generate any more MAG points except those later prizes on the track? Or am I missing anything? There are still a lot more items to earn on the MAG prize track. Anyone knows of other way to earn more? I tried to buy one more town centre but that doesn't give any more points. (Alright... I went on spending spree again after they lowered the box xp to 1 million again...)
  • relax, that MAG track is supposed to last for all 3 acts of the event.
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