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The Add Me Thread


  • RapidShooter
    1 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    Hey guys! Daily player here just cleaned out friends list.
    Level 107, add me!


  • BulziRob
  • Lvl 939....play many times a day for years....add me please? :)
  • Hi everyone. I'm a daily player, level 110. I've played every event since Christmas 2013. Add me!
  • Add me
    Lvl 939
    Play all day everyday
  • Add me lvl 939.....play all day every day for years....decent looking layout...core of the town based on opening credits if you're into authenticity and like checking out other towns. Lol
  • Stephanyhe13
    I started playing every day now! Add me!
  • Looking for current players feel free to add me
  • Just updated for non players and I have some open slots. Active daily player.

  • Hi guys, just cleared out 43 non active players and since this is the event (finally!) where neighbor visits are helpful for both sides I would love to add some new friends.

    Welcome to my 310-level mostly good organised Springfild!
  • chrisgyo
    1030 posts Member
    level 152
    active player
  • I have room for 8 new friends ,I play everyday multiple times add me erikabender854
    Also add my friend wthozzy1
  • kandycanada : add me please!

    Looking for some active friends. Do not care what level you are. I've been playing since Aug 2012, but this game was started in 2013 some time. I'm down to 45 friends and I don't want to max out or anything, but more would be nice.

    I play daily and have been since 2012. At this point, I'm so addicted, I'm never quitting. This is actually my freemium town, but I do still play it daily.

  • Hi! Daily player lvl 170, just cleared my friends list, need new friends.

    Add me heilaghaugen
  • :) I visit my neighbors often and am looking for new people who play similarly. Just let go of neighbors who never visited and have lots of space!
    Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect.

  • I cleaned out about 40 inactives from my list and I could use new friends! Feel free to Add me! Wither16
  • Just cleared out a bunch of inactive friends so I have room. Daily player. Looking for people who will visit during events and who put care into their Springfield. Doesn't have to be perfect of course.

    Let's be neighbors!
  • Need about 20 friends. Please only daily, premium, 939, no farmers
  • Takit0shuffle
    5 posts Member
    edited October 2016

    Add me! I play daily!
    Post edited by Takit0shuffle on
  • T-Square-2

    Level 775 - I probably play toooooo much.
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