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Petition for Bridges and Squares

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edited October 2016

if you buy the new street for Donuts like me, maybe you also miss a bridge.
And for the new event maybe you also miss a square texture for a nice old spooky look too.

I would like to have those. Maybe in a way like this, maybe in a other one, but pls EA do a
bringe for the other streets too and a square texture that matches with the new great content.


If you would also like to have those things, just write YES in the comments.
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  • Aidx1054
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    edited October 2016
    I love the wooden bridge, the cobblestone one is a bit too futuristic looking for me though. Amazing detail they must have taken a while to make!

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  • Did you do the artwork on those bridges? Very well done.
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  • Would be nice to get something like them.
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  • Patz1984
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    edited October 2016
    @bluntcard: I did, thx.

    @aidx1054: Yeah maybe cause this blue looks to futuristic, maybe its looking like metall for you?
    I was try to use a color that matches with the new grey, brown and red items of this event, but also with the purple castle items of the clash event. So those purple things are pretty clean, even when it was about castles, the new Items of this halloween event are realy detailed. So finding a mix bitween both was my try for this bridge design.

    However a solution from EA would look, would be nice to have one ^^
  • Yes. Very good designs.
  • "Looking like metal" is what I thought too. I had to take a closer look to realize it's not metal. Another color would have worked; but altogether very impressive art work!
  • YESSS!!! And wanted to add... Well done bro, on the bridge designs they look fantastic and like they're already a part of the game..
  • Yes, please yes! :)
  • very nice :-)
  • That looks legit!!!! The wooden bridge looks awesome!
  • Completely agree, the wooden one is fantastic. Agree the purple is a little to futuristic, maybe the colouring is to pristine for the cobbles. Love the water grates under the bridge though, really sweet detail.

    Nice work :) hope they listen.
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  • simp7fan
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    Too awesome. Just would make the slats of the wooden bridge uncovered by dirt, a black and white transition
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  • Yes!
    -Love both bridges, awesome job!
  • Ok, that wooden bridge is amazing. I'd probably even pay donuts for the ability to place it. This is what we need. More tile covers and the ability to make bridges with dirt and cobblestone roads. Hopefully EA takes note.
  • katn67
    113 posts Member
    Yes please! I especially like what you did with the dirt road bridge.
  • Yes! I would love to have more bridges in my town, especially the wooden one! :smile:
  • Definitely YES! :)
  • mystery2mi
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    edited October 2016
    Great designs on your bridges, OP! I really like the wooden one. I like the cobblestone one too but a covered bridge would be even better.
  • Awesome detail, love the wooden bridge. Must have, great job!
  • @mystery2mi no, I dont wanna do a covvered one. There are 2 reasons for it. 1. In this event you will get a covered bridge as one of the event items and 2. I want a bridge that also matches good with the old castle stuff from other events.
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