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Little monsters are missing from my town.

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Little monsters or animals that run around town have been missing from my town for a couple of days. I do not what triggered this. Any ideas?


  • wadebear
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    A poster in the Answers forum reported that by removing some buildings from his town the Feral Beasts reappeared.
    Try storing your Brown Houses first, then other buildings that can't be tapped by neighbors.
  • ojbee
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    Thanks Wadebear. I will check that out.
  • ojbee
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    After I stored 39 out of my 40 brown houses, I found one monster. Hopefully that means a monster spawning cycle has begun.
  • suetopia
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    edited October 2016
    Put your game into ghost/build mode and hide your buildings. I have heard of at least one person who found a bunch of the small monsters hiding behind her buildings. :)

    EDIT: not sure if this will happen for you too, but once she cleared the hidden ones the next ones that spawned began to start moving toward the landing zone/MAG building again too :)
  • I have this problem too. What I found out is my little monster are stuck, they just stand around hiding. The two ways I found them is to just spam clicks everywhere on the screen, or go into edit mode and hide everything except for characters. Sucks to have this broken.

    In my town the monsters get stuck in heights, and on the beach. Other people have said they get stuck in decorations, on cobblestone roads, and in house farms.

    Things that did not get the monsters moving again: reboot, hard close, more roads, move MAG Office.
  • adruralo
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    jamesj9371 wrote: »
    I have this problem too. What I found out is my little monster they just stand around hiding.
    This has been my experience, I find that they do get stuck behind buildings. And putting the game into ghost mode has revealed them.
    iPad Pro 9.7, iPhone 13 Blue.
  • Mine just swarm towards the MAG building and crowd around it, so they're very easy to find! :D
  • Mine love anywhere crowded - house farms, spooky walls and training walls are just some of their favourites in my town ;)
  • ojbee
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    Argh just got back to my town after 5 hours or so, and there was only one. I scanned a bit in ghost edit mode and didn't see any. I will go back and do a thorough search as suggested. Will report back later tonight. For now, I need to shower and get ready to go out. 'Tis Saturday night after all. Thanks everyone.
  • ojbee
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    Little monsters WERE hiding!

    Some were found using the ghost edit mode, but a majority of them had to be found by random spam tapping (especially in SF Heights and in high decoration density area).

    They found an invisible crack between two side-by-side decorations where they were immune to the ghost edit mode (kinda like Interstellar...they are there, yet they are not...perhaps the last event left a worm hole or an extra dimension behind).

    Getting rid of "stuck" monsters have freed the next ones to run to the MAG building, but still found new ones lurking in the same trouble spots.

    Lesson Learned: Be aware of invisible Little Monsters that lurk in the dark corners of your universe.
  • Ugh, found a bunch in my other town. I was wondering why nothing was showing up. It's better now, but they still hide on me.
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