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so i bought a painting....

it was only 10 bucks...its a beautiful landscape oil painting...i was trying to find information on the artist...but its all in German, and google translator is HORRIBLE!!! all i have information on is he was born in 1885 to 1938.....i got it cause i love the picture, and it makes me happy looking over it, its going to go up above my desk but im also curious about who the artist is....i just dont know german.... :(
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  • Use the free translation . Com website. I use it.
    Glad you got a cool new piece of art to enjoy!
  • i am too!! i saw it in a window, told my self no, no spontaneous spending for me, but i finally decided to back in there to grab it!! the women in there gave me dirty looks for getting it though... *eyeroll*
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  • .....that's strange. I would have went up to them and asked them if they like my painting lol

  • I'm trying to do some Halloween themed nails... I have them black so far. Lol . I did really cute green n black Frankenstein and bride of Frankenstein on my left hand (I'm a righty) and then i tried to do it left handed and it was Glob-awful. So I had to redo... :/
  • :( that sucks!! unfortunately i cant paint my nails at work, but i use to all the time, mainly black....not much into nail art though, im horrible with painting my nails...it gets everywhere!!! 0_0 but i still love doing it!!
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  • I think @Grumpstown lives in Germany. Maybe he can translate.
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  • unfortunately now i cant even find the painting... :( and it looks like there is little to known information on him or the painting....all i find are his other works....and stupid auction houses.... :( i even wikipedia him and nothing.... :(
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  • I know some German

    Du is you
    Hast is hate

    Repeat and you have a hit...thank you Rammstein
  • What is the artist's name?
    There is no way to happiness - happiness is the way. Thich Nhat Hanh

  • Walter Thamm
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  • i guess it will be a mystery painting.... 0_0
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  • Walter Thamm

    Walter Thamm, German artist 1885-1938. One of his paintings -View of a Rose Garden sold for 6.9K in 2011
  • wow!! how did you get that info? ive been using translators and everything else and trying to find the pic and everything else and coming up dry....
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  • Google
  • That's about all I found so far though...
  • From what I can see, he does some nice work. As @Taco_BeIIe said, his works have been sold at auction for anything from several hundred to several thousand dollars. If you got an original oil on canvas work, it's a very nice investment of $10!
  • what did you put in your search terms?
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  • Walter Thamm (also add painting if you want). Quick glance at some of the auction houses will give you some prices. Couldn't find much of anything about the artist himself, though, other than birth, death and country. Seems his works were done around the time of the Great War and he died at the start of the Second World War, so that probably adds some historical perspective to it as well.
  • I used Walter Thamm artist, but I imagine the results are similar. Seems to be very fond of mountainous scenes. You can find lots of his works, but little about the artist himself.
  • yah thats what i was mostly trying to find is info about him, and finding really nothing... and ive been trying to find the title of the picture....
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