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Opinion on redundant buildings as skin for originals

There are some.. cool brown house, future Simpsons' house, Newfangled Kwik-E-Mart, Retro Lard Lad, Hellementary School, etc. Any thoughts on making them as a skin for the orginal buildings instead of separate infrastructure? We can save some space and item capacity in our town.


  • You can also just store them and replace them when relevant.
  • I quite like them plus the generate XP plus currency.
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  • I say it makes sense for characters, but you can just make more buildings so why not.
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  • I was very surprised when several of these weren't skins. The Future Simpson's House, Hellementary and Newfangled Kwik-e-Mart in particular. Some of these buildings already have multiple skins, so I don't get why you'd suddenly need things like two Simpson's houses.

    Storing and replacing doesn't always work because some have characters associated with them. Springfield Elementary for example is linked to Skinner, and also has lots of animations associated. I'd really love to see Bart's mechanical ants taking on the Hellementary school. >:)
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