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For those who did not catch it...scary dock now has 4.5% bonus (blinky monster)



  • evant13579 wrote: »
    evant13579 wrote: »
    still not interested. Maybe if the price came down a bit. And by a bit I mean a whole lot.

    i dont think the character is "famous" enough for such a price, but dont see any other character/building combo offering a 4.5% bonus payout for 170 donuts...i think that is why they did 4.5%, it was too late for them to bring down price in this event since they already released it and people bought it already

    for those of us who already bought it, was a pleasant surprise

    Yes, adding 4.5% after the fact was great. But if you are looking at if strictly from a multiplier standpoint, 4.5% isnt a lot for the price. 3 jet bikes cost 90 donuts and would bring 6%. That being said the character is unique , so ad a collector I can see the value. But from my point its just too much. To each his own.

    well yes of course the donut to bonus ratio is far from best compared to some of the standalone items/decorations, that is why i said character/building combo. i dont think any other character/building combo comes close to a 4.5% bonus and many combos are similar price or more even without bonus

    No you are right about that. Someone broke it down above and looking at it that way it is a good deal. It all depends on how you look at it and more importantly, what you want to get out of it.
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