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Cleaning up Springfield

Does anyone else find it irritating that the only characters that can clean up debris are Homer and Lisa? I think it would be beneficial if one or two more helped out, maybe Marge, for whom cleaning up would be in character! Also, I haven't earned any donuts from cleaning up Springfield in a while - is it still a thing?


  • I just cleaned up a bunch of debris that I have been hoarding from the rocket and got 4 donuts (from about 300 pieces of debris). So seems to still be a thing.

    I don't see the need to have more characters that can do it as it only takes 6 seconds per item. You can move and now store the debris to get it out of your way if homer and Lisa are not available.

    Prior to the unemployment office being able to send everyone on tasks at once and the rocket earning additional debris I was even more opposed to this job because I use some debris as decoration in my designs and occasionally would accidentally send someone to clean the debris causing me to loose debris that I wanted to keep.
  • i use both at the same time to clean out my storage of debris. place many debris items in one place near them and send them on the tasks, it goes quicker and you can focus in just one area to task them both. both need to be nearest the debris field though.
    yes, donuts are still given. seems random but of the 500 or so debris i cleaned up, i got 6 or 7 donuts
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  • I save all of my debris for use as decorations... Especially around my power plant and the canister looking ones for empty kegs at the duff brewery. Although i don't know how but all of my debris somehow was put into my inventory, which i never put them in there... So i have to place them all again.
  • If the two were not Homer or Lisa that would be helpful.
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  • I find it odd that young Lisa can clean, but not President Lisa? Lenny and Carl aren't qualified?

    I also have seen recently that I get a donut about 1 every 100 debris (approximately.)

    Would be cool if you could send a person to 'clean Springfield' and they went to clean up all debris, 6 seconds each, w/o having to be sent for each one. But I don't use debris in my decorating.
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  • President Lisa has people to do that for her.
  • I don't have the Rocket ship and I've already got all the expansion debris so it's not a problem for me. :)
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