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Who is your Favorite Simpsons Tapped Out Character



  • Run away with Kang? It's one of the shorter tasks.
  • Obvious answers, Burns and Smithers.
  • Bart and Barney.
  • Crazy Cat Lady! I still remember when I saw the episode that introduced her. Darn near bust a gut laughing. I even bought my first doughnut pack just so I could get her.
  • Witch Marge and crazy iguana lady are probably tops for females, ojohnny tightlips acting like nobody shot him is seriously funny, Bart is always a fave- and every. single. animal! Plopped doing what a spider can do is great. Kang and kodo just plain funny. :tongue::tongue::smiley:

    What is that Bart task with Kang on the bike?? Never saw it before, assuming I don't have something to make it happen :#

    It's a 10 minute task (43 payout) for Bart with Kang, it's called run away with kang. You need both of them free for the task to be available.

  • Skeletor is definitely my favourite.
  • DD13world
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    Duffman & Miss Springfield Add Death to the mix! >:)
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  • Maude getting revenge on Homer. :lol:
  • Willie is my favorite by far, with Frink in a very close second. My least favorite is Arnie Pie and his annoying tasks that constantly come flying across your screen.
  • Mine is fatov
  • Lots of options. Kang and Kodos are certainly good contenders.

    I do love Dr Nick as he's got plenty of funny phrases, that I never get bored of hearing.
  • King-sized Homer either letting it all hang out on the beach or ride around town ... definitely
  • Right now it's Wise Guy... he's been "fixing the plumbing" in the Bad Dream house since the beginning of October. His versatility at animating so many different buildings rocks!!

    I also love Mutant Rabbit and hope he is offered for sale again so I can have him in my other Springfield. Don't know why but I really like the bunnies hopping around town!!
  • Obvious answers, Burns and Smithers.

    If you have the right skins then the money fight is in the top 10
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