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Obol progression: what crafting level are you at?

I'm wondering where I stand when it comes to obol progression because of the glitching obols (sometimes received obols won't get counted - a glitch that is still happening) and the latest server fiasco.

At my Construction Yard, I'm currently crafting Level 13 (465/630 until level 14) with 44 obols banked for spending. So, I'm wondering where everyone else is, in this regard?

Also, has anyone figured out a calendar of sorts for the obols? Information about how far along we should be in order to craft the Shipwreck before the event ends?


  • meinaz
    5440 posts Member
    I am currently at level 14. 105 obols away from level 15. I don't know that there is a calendar for obols, but there are opportunities for large obol packs during act 3. They should help with the obols.
  • I'm currently at level 13, 385/630 towards level 14, with all act 1, act 2, and MAG obol pack and job prizes. I also have all of the premium trick-or-treaters, so I get 22 obols per set of trick-or-treater jobs.

    I've been monitoring for disappearing obols closely since it was first reported, and I've only seen one occasion when it might have occurred, which was when I assigned trick-or-treaters before their obols had collected. Every other time, using the bag icon to "tap" all of them and waiting for the obols to collect before assigning them again, I get exactly the right amount, regardless of how much else might be going on in the game.

    Note that the obols collect very quickly, so you have to check your current total before you tap anything if you want to track exactly how many you should have after collection.
  • I'm currently at a little lees than your numbers dustandair , construction yard at level 13, 220/630, and also about 40 mag points short for job unlock,
    Getting a little worried, but I think it's doable , just wait until act 3 starts
  • Currently at level 10, saving up to build the Forest Cave
  • I'm currently level 14 and have 203 towards the haunted stables
  • Just unlocked level 14, woohoo!

    Now I'll need to save up 500 obols again :cry:
  • johncolombo
    11424 posts Senior Moderator
    I'm at level 15. I think I need 780 more obels to get the shipwreck. I'm sorry some of you are having problems with this. I try to log in every 4 hours. I finished the MAG points days ago and am over the number needed. Hang in there and good luck!
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  • 5 or 10 obols short of requirements for level 14. I'm struggling to decide what to craft to get there. I feel like I've got plenty of everything.
  • I'm currently at level 15 and have the shipwreck. Unfortunatly I,m going to Mexico on holliday with little or no wifi so I will probably miss act 3
  • devilhunt1449
    3610 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    Level 14 with 450 obol's towards the haunted stable, finished with Mag days ago and have my 8th lot of bonuts and at 3300 towards number 9.
  • Rich0913
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    edited October 2016
    Level 14 , just got the haunted stable. I've been logging in every 4 hours

    Just stowed my IRS building, to see if it helps when collecting the obols from the kids
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  • Level 14, still 200+ away from the first Haunted Stables.
    Crafting has been a disaster this event, really disappointed.
  • Half way to the Haunted Stables, which means not only do I need 1000 more for the Shipwreck but also almost another 1000 of basic crafting to just unlock the freaking shipwreck. So that's looking like an "interesting" challenge. I usually finish this stuff just fine, though.
  • Just got to level 13 here
  • Level 14. Already bought one haunted stables. Saving up for a second.
  • I'm at Level 14, need 1130 Obols to unlock Level 15.

    Have 394 Obols in the bank and need less than a 100 for the Haunted Stables.

    Not really worried at all, Act 3 will give me plenty more.
    In a week everyone will be posting "What should I craft?! I have way too many Obols!"

  • I unlocked the shipwreck, but have 900 to go to get it.
  • I'm halfway to level 14... here's hoping for a huge gift of Obals in act 3. Missed out on about 18 hours of playing after the EA servers glitched yesterday.
  • Just got to Level 14....think there is plenty of time to get everything. I like the look of the shipwreck at the end, cant wait to get that
  • I'm at level 13, with 630 obols left to upgrade to 14.
    Right now I have 522 obols, and as soon as I complete 1070, I will upgrade it and craft one haunted stables and I think I will just leave it there since I am not too excited about crafting more stuff. :)
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