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Do you store your Halloween items after Halloween?



  • cdepast wrote: »
    I only store the extra pumpkins and balloons that were placed in front of houses; however, I also keep some of those in front of the Halloween headquarters all year. Everything else is integrated into permanent designs.

    Same here
  • I will be keeping most of my Halloween items out, I spent far too much time with my design to just store them! I have posted a picture in showcase if anyone is interested.
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  • At least 1 of every item in the game is out 4 me
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  • Mine are stored for the moment only because I need the space to design my area properly. Want to make a spooky forest area with this year's stuff :smiley:
  • I almost never store unique items......only really store the random decoration when moving things around or when I have many, many duplicates. I have 400 ice fences. Lol still have yet to decide what kind of 3d I creation I will make. Lol
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