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Is the game extra slow?

Going from friend to friend is very slow with multiple disconnects lately.
Is anyone else experiencing this?


  • I keep having to stop and force close the game mine gets so slow. Sometimes I even have to restart my device. Then it speeds back up again.

    But yeah, yesterday I thought I'd never get through it was taking so long to load towns even after restarting.
  • I was getting far more disconnects today
  • I'm wondering if it's due to increased net traffic from online shopping.
  • Me personally i notice when the game really starts bogging down (outside of events anyway) a reset of my device usually gets it back up to speed.

    Something about certain events it seems like once I hit a certain point it lags out constantly and nothing tends to help it till the event is over. I dont have issues with friend visits though anymore, seems to be pretty smooth sailing from town to town. Although i have deleted a few neighbors that were always long load times due to something or another, assume they just have so much stuff out. Seems like they were highly suspected cheaters and duper towns as well
  • I get lag during events, not too surprising, but now with nothing really happening, I find that any extended period spent just tending to basic activities causes lag. It's even crashed my phone a couple of times.
  • Not sure what changed but things are going faster than ever.
    Friend to friend as well.
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