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Deleting Pending Friends



  • JAMVAN5150
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    edited December 2012
    I keep my pending request list in case I need to remove a person. They can be replaced immediately. Yeah, it seem callus, but it works.
  • lissarv68
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    edited December 2012
    sonny1618 wrote:
    Aaaand they're gone. I feel like I just scratched a long-annoying itch. Feels so good!

    LOL glad I could be of assistance.

    My poor son had 20 pending! I had added people from one of the countless add-me threads and none of them had even bothered to accept/decline (rather rude, if you ask me) and no, I'm not going to say who. I had to ban them twice to get it to take. Them I found him 20 others and they all accepted and he's at 100 and happy as can be.

    He actually started playing this game and kept asking me to help him design his town (I was a graphic designer once upon on time so moving pixels about is my thing). That got me sucked in and now I'm the one addicted. Dang kids.
  • rhapsodyblue
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    edited February 2013
    :D thank you for the instructions!
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