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Valentine Update Trouble Shooting!!

I am having a few problems. One is not being able to accept friend requests. The other is when i go to visit others towns, it wont show the vatentines day cards, and i cant send hearts. What do i do about this? I didnt think there would be a problem with having many friends..?


  • lanaw88
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    edited February 2013
    Valentines cards only show when there is a character doing a task inside the building, so its a bit of a luck of the draw - otherwise you might have to leave that springfield and return later :) Hope that helps you!
  • Simpsuck
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    edited February 2013
    And EA Could give a 3 Eyed Rats Behind about The Harp Error..... Get any money spent on this game back ASAP from iTunes complaint Dept.

    Click on Purchase and Billing


    Then type in that his game is not working and you expect a refund of ALL Fund paid towards this app that does not work.
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