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This is Christmas?

Let's see. We have a statue of Satan as the first prize, and demonological symbology like an encircled pentagram prominently featured.. This goes way beyond having fun with the pagan celebration of the solstice. I'm nearly speechless. I can't believe that EA would have put out something this crass and offensive as a Christmas event. Seriously. Shame on whoever came up with this horrid idea, and double shame on whoever greenlighted it. Yeah. Let's mainstream Satanism for all the kids who play this game. What the he!! were they thinking?!


  • Pagans aren't satanists.
  • more like a voodoo event
  • It's no worse than the Halloween event, if you're worrried about symbolism and demonic content.
  • Nothing says festive like Devil horns on Homer.
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • A goat god statue isn't satan. There is nothing satanic in this update.
  • defectdefect
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    edited December 2016
    lol, this update s*u*c*k*s but this is a reach...
    But we already did it. It took seven hours, but we did it. It's done.
  • "Pagans aren't satanists. "
    I never said, nor did I imply that they were/are.
    "A goat god statue isn't satan."
    Oh, please. It's the exact same image that every nutjob satanist group out there uses as their idol. Just as the encircled pentagram is used by devil worshippers to try and summon demons. You are in complete denial.
  • I love it. This is already my favorite event.
    ~Always be Designing~
    Don't increase the Item Limit? Then I don't play. Period.
  • "It's no worse than the Halloween event, if you're worrried about symbolism and demonic content."
    Actually, it's a LOT worse. I can't find anything to even compare in the last two Halloween events, and nothing in either of them that is evocative of the worship of evil. And to put this out as a Christmas event is beyond the pale.
  • There is nothing offensive or demonic about this update. Saying a goat is satan is saying a Satyr is satan. They look similar, but they're not the same. Plus what the guy said above me said "It's no worse than the Halloween event."
  • giphy.gif
  • YOU may think so. But I guarantee that there are many, MANY players out there that agree with me; and many parents that would be horrified by this. And I'm not even religious, so you can take that out as a factor in my opinion.
  • Then don't play for 24 days. Boom. Problem solved.
  • oubouncer
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    edited December 2016
    I think the pagan event is a cool twist to celebrating Christmas but agree with @esox42631 more stone henge less satanic ulter. And the Satan statue is a bit crazy. Yes, it is a Satan statue. I live in Detroit.....they started a satanic church. Google Image satanic church in Detroit. You'Ll see the same statue....he's even making the same hand gesture. Lol Anyway bit over the line for the Simpsons, EA and all involved.
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  • Turkey1010
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    edited December 2016
    Linkwick wrote: »

    This x infinity
  • You religious people are funny. :D
    ~Always be Designing~
    Don't increase the Item Limit? Then I don't play. Period.
  • Whoever started this thread makes a valid point. I'm not religious at all, but it's all a bit unnecessary and is potentially offensive to many which shouldn't be the case in a family friendly game. What makes it worse is that the content is some of the worst I have seen in an event. Not complaining just stating my opinion, I'm trying to find any positives but I'm struggling. Snow?
  • Well, I've played since Stonecutters and I have actually never been dissapointed by any event, except now. My first thougt when I saw the prizes was "what the h... were they thinking?!"
    My fav event is xmas but this year I wont be playing
  • WOW...
  • What would you prefer? More **** Christmas trees and Santa skins?
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