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Collecting Runestones

How/Where do i get them? i need them for the daily task, help please !


  • As far as I can tell its just from tapping Pagans in your town and friends towns. Also in the quest line you can get some by collecting so many antlers.
  • i only get like 1 per pagan ,
  • You should be getting 2
  • oh yea i am, but i gotta tap 150 of these things? i need 300 total
  • oh yea i am, but i gotta tap 150 of these things? i need 300 total

    You should also be getting 100 Runestones a day by turning in 4 tributes/offerings at the Henge. (Well, except for the donut days.) Have you been getting those?

    Also, the 2nd and 5th Prize are more Runestones.

    I placed the Large Tent and Cauldron earlier tonight. You just gotta keep at it.
  • Right now, it feels "impossible" to get enough runestones, but we've been down this path before.

    I suspect that about a week after Act 3 starts, we'll be thinking "crap, more runestones???" :D
  • ^^^ sure hope so! I snuck through on the last event :p
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  • johncolombo
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    yeah I feel like i'm lagging for the first time also.
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  • 1,250 runestones to achieve 'Dunk the Monk', will definitely be out of the reach for some, unless things speed up in Act 2.
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  • Agreed. :/
    Nothing as loud as the silentmiaow.
  • Seems like collection ramps up considerably as the events move on, though. I didn't have trouble getting everything +bonuts for Halloween, without a ton of friend visits (more like crash visits, amirite). Though I skipped out of TSTO for a while until the last couple, so perhaps it's not a reliable trend.
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