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The Official Gnome Glitch Thread.


  • Syncing with a friend doesn't work for me and my Springfield 2.0 hasn't got KL yet. How annoying!
  • aliman99
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    meinaz wrote: »
    Going to Krustyland and back has worked for the people that have had this issue.

    Worked for me too, many thanks for the tip!
  • I just had a similar issue. The elf was definitely in the box but four, even eight, hours had passed and "do it" didn't work. Only KL helped.

    That was annoying to miss out on getting my resources. I hope EA patches this!
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  • Thanks for the KL tip everyone!!
  • My elf is locked in his box! Every time I log into the game, it pops up and says that my elf (gnome?) is loose in Springfield...but you can see him still in the box with the lid closed. My radar is also not available. I am still able to visit a friend and grab their elf/gnome, but am unable to do so in my own Springfield. I am on day two with this issue. Any advice? I have logged out and back in, restarted game, checked for updates, etc. I am at a loss, but this is definitely putting me behind. :(

  • People are saying to immediately go to Krustyland and back when that happens.
  • Krusty Land worked! Whew!
  • arkmaykey wrote: »
    Tracker will be back after visiting Krustyland of yours. I've tried all means and only this one works.

    Same for me. Even hard close and phone restart didn't help, but a quick pop over to KL and my tracker was back... strange!!
  • It's funny how going to kl fixes some things.
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  • My gnome is supposed to be out and about in my springfield but is still hanging out in his box. When I click on the gnome box it says I need to capture him but there he sits in the box. I have reset the game, turned off my phone and visited friends and came back to try to reset my Springfield. Has anyone else had this happen? Any Suggestions?
  • Same thing for me...
  • Mine's been stuck in his box all day
  • go to KL and back apparently remedies this condition
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  • N0VAT0WN wrote: »
    go to KL and back apparently remedies this condition

    That fixed it. Thank you very much.
  • I didn't want to go to KL, but yes, I can confirm that fixed it for me.
  • N0VAT0WN wrote: »
    go to KL and back apparently remedies this condition

    Thank you so much. That worked!! I had been trying to find that gnome since last night.

  • Same thing happened to me. Going to Krustyland fixed it.
  • Is anyone else having trouble with this? It no longer lets me try to find him in my town, but continues to tell me to find him.
  • This discussion was created from comments split from: Winter 2016: Gnome In Your Home.
  • my gnome is hidden just behind the box
    during the pursuit looks like jump in for safety

    not a glitch, but funny
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