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What did you get in your Mystery Gifts?


  • The Bear Cave. I'll probably end up buying everything until I get Costington's
  • Spent donuts and got north pole factory in platinum. The one of two things I didnt want. Going to grind to atleast get one more box before the event ends. If I get the slide factory I will be pissed. Anything but it...
  • Btw I have absolutely no use for the north pole factory. I dont even have a monorail yet. Maybe by winter next year I can use it. Itd be the only time I use it is winter events.
  • SatansHockey
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    edited December 2016
    I was an i*diot (lol at the forum actually blocking the word) and bought the silver box cause I was browsing and double clicked by mistake. Got Ebenezer Burns. One of the few things I actually didn't want cause I already have too many skins for him. Oh well.
  • Everything.
  • everything
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • What will be the outcome of accumulated tickets for people who have no gift boxes? I think there should be something that they can be used on. For instance: Festive Trash Cans, Duff Xmas Beer Can Trees, etc. Thanks in advance and HAPPY HOLIDAY!
  • pbpandapuffs
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    Echo0006 wrote: »
    The only thing I wanted from the platinum gift was the North Pole Monorail Station. I bought the Murderhorn because I love it as a decoration and I opened my platinum mystery box to reveal...A North Pole Station! :D

    So, what did you get in your mystery gifts? Also, was it what you wanted or expected? Which gifts are you going for? Silver/Gold/Platinum? Let me know! :)

    This is *exactly* what happened to me! I bought the Murderhorn, and I had a (presumably?) 1/4 chance of getting the only thing I wanted - North Pole station - and I got it! There was some "whoo-hoo!"-ing :D
  • Going to buy another boatload before the event ends and spend whatever is needed to get sophie and costingtons. I want all the platinum items but the slide factory. Chances are I will end up with it though.
  • I got nothing, not even a mb
  • Fort sensible and Springfield mall
    We'll chew this planet up and spit it out!
  • I had a 1 in 3 chance of getting Sophie and I did! So happy.
  • I haven't pulled the trigger yet. There's a bunch of stuff I *could* get, but I really only want the raccoon in silver and the NPS in platinum. I'll just keep saving till nearer the end and report in. :)
    Did get a small herd of raindeers and icebergs and the abominable snowman! :) thought he was an NPC lol wish he had more visuals but I love him lol
    Nothing as loud as the silentmiaow.
  • Slide Factory all night. Best building ever. Yes i'm the one who wanted the slide factory.
  • Wish I had known I didn't have to open a silver present to clear the task, could have saved 1000 vouchers.
    I got the Christmas Racoon.
    Hope I can save enough to get a shot of getting Sophie or Costingtons.
  • Not much: Animal Shelter, Candy Cane Kevin, Victor's Secret, and North Pole Station.
    Since I had the tickets, I have earned the animal shelter and NP station; both will be put in storage after associated tasks are complete. I'm disappointed with the selection.
  • Purchased the Murderhorn and an Elf Home for a shot at the platinum box. I got Sophie on a 1 in 5 chance; she's my second preference so quite happy with that. If I get another chance then I'll hope for Costingtons.
  • It's interesting to hear everyone's desired choices and how different they are. I saved up for a platinum box. Out of 5 choices I got Costington's. I'm okay with it. I wanted the North Pole Station, Slide Factory, or Sophie more. I'm going to keep going and see if I get one of those later.

    Gold options: Raccoon, Fort Sensible (this is what I want) and something I can't recall at the moment.

    Silver: Plow King or skate rink
  • I'm going to try for the Platinum Gift again but all I want is Costington's! Let's hope I get it :)
  • Bought my first platinum box and got costingtons :smiley:
    We'll chew this planet up and spit it out!
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