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When Life Gives You Lemons

Ned starts

Ned: Hey Homer, what do you say we scamper to my newly-repaired camper?
Ned: Sip some tea in my fixed RV!
Ned: Get behind the wheelicle of my recreational vehicle!
Homer: Dammit, Flanders! Rhymes aren't jokes!
Ned: Neither is going "Mmm" and drooling whenever you hear the name of a food.
Homer: Well played.
Homer: Oh, by the way, I might've accidentally strapped another lemon tree to your camper and crushed the roof…
Ned: What?! You made fini of Mini-Wini!
Homer: Mmm, mini-weenies. *drools*

That's a Lot Pt. 1

Auto starts

Marge: Get dressed, Homie, we're having a date night!
Homer: I don't know, our last “date night” was just a trick to get me to that AA meeting…
Marge: The Car Impound Lot is re-opening as a nightclub. It's called The 'Pound! With an apostrophe even! Now THAT'S hip!
Squeaky Voice Teen: Welcome to The 'Pound, may I valet your car?

Task: Make Springfielders Attend the Grand Opening
Time: 8h
Location: Car Impound Lot

That's a Lot Pt. 2

Auto starts

Marge: What a cool nightclub. You could tell it was fancy because the bathroom attendants acted REALLY entitled to a tip.
Homer: Can you pull around the pink sedan, my good man?
Squeaky Voice Teen: Sure. That'll be $250.
Homer: $250?! How is that possible?
Squeaky Voice Teen: It's still a Car Impound Lot too.

Task: Make Homer Look Under the Car Seats for Loose
Time: 4h
Location: Car Impound Lot

The Manhattan Project Pt. 1

Shelbyville Manhattan starts

Shelbyville Manhattan: Good lord, where am I? And what is this ugly city?
Homer: You're in Springfield, Mister... uh...
Shelbyville Manhattan: Manhattan. Shelbyville Manhattan.
Homer: *gasp* I know you! You're the guy who invented Manhattan Clam Chowder!
Lisa: No, Dad, he's the man who founded Shelbyville.
Homer: Oh. Is Shelbyville Clam Chowder the creamy kind or the red kind?
Shelbyville Manhattan: Speaking of red and creamy, I could go for a little female companionship.
Shelbyville Manhattan: Are any of my attractive cousins around?
Lisa: Eew.
Homer: Now now, Lisa. Who are we to judge the racist and sexist ways of the past.
Lisa: Fine. I'll take you to see your cousins. But first you have to let me interview you for the school newspaper.
Shelbyville Manhattan: Fine. What's the subject of your article -- American heroes?
Lisa: No -- a recently discovered caveman.

Task: Make Lisa Interview Shelbyville for the Paper
Time: 8h
Location: Simpson House
Requires: Shelbyville Manhattan
Task: Make Lisa Take Shelbyville to See His Cousins
Time: 12h
Location: Springfield Cemetery or Brown House
Requires: Shelbyville Manhattan

Shelbyville Manhattan: You tricked me! You took me to a cemetery to see my cousins' GRAVES!
Lisa: And yet you still tried to kiss them.

The Manhattan Project Pt. 2

Shelbyville Manhattan starts

Shelbyville Manhattan: I've got to find a suitable bride...
Shelbyville Manhattan: You there! Where did you find that girl you're always kissing who's also always kissing everyone else?
Squeaky Voice Teen: What?! Shauna's cheating on me?
Shauna: We met in high school.
Shelbyville Manhattan: “High school?” Very well, to "high school" I go!
Wiggum: Hold it right there! You're not setting foot in that school, creep! Can't you read the sign? “No Trespassing”.
Shelbyville Manhattan: No I cannot!
Wiggum: There is nothing sadder than adult illiteracy. We've got to do the responsible thing: get this deviant adult into that school!

Task: Reach Level 12 and Build the Springfield Library
Task: Make Shelbyville Manhattan Go to High School to Become Literate
Time: 24h
Location: Springfield High School or Springfield Library

Shelbyville Manhattan: The best part of learning about indoor plumbing is giving swirlies to freshmen.

The Manhattan Project Pt. 3

Shelbyville Manhattan starts

Lisa: If you're going to live here, you'll need to get with the times. No modern woman would go for such a brute.
Shelbyville Manhattan: What difference does her opinion make? I'll just club her over the head and force her to marry me.
Lisa: Okay, even back in your time, I'm pretty sure that wasn't acceptable.
Lisa: We're going to the library so you can read up on contemporary culture.
Shelbyville Manhattan: How am I supposed to do that? I don't know how to read.
Comic Book Guy: Um, hello? Don't you know there's a whole genre of movies of guys being frozen and then thawed out in the future?
Lisa: What's your point?
Comic Book Guy: My point is that these movies always contain a montage of the character catching up on all the stuff they missed.

Task: Reach Level 13 and Build Android's Dungeon
Task: Make Shelbyville Watch Guy-Frozen-And-Thawed-Out-In-The-Future Movies
Time: 24h
Location: Android's Dungeon

Shelbyville Manhattan: I'm completely caught up on modern life. The only thing I didn't understand was the appeal of Pauly Shore…

The Manhattan Project Pt. 4

Shelbyville Manhattan starts

Shelbyville Manhattan: Now that I'm a modern man, I can start dating, but the idea of dating an unrelated person disgusts me. I hope I've made that abundantly clear.
Shelbyville Manhattan: If only there was a surefire way to find out if someone was related to me.
Professor Frink: Actually, there is. It's called DNA testing.
Professor Frink: All you have to do is get people to let you swab the inside of their cheek, and I can test their DNA in my laborator -- BLURGHGH!
Professor Frink: Get your finger out of my mouth! You're supposed to use a COTTON SWAB to take the sample!
Shelbyville Manhattan: Hey, you're the scientist. I'm just a guy who likes putting my finger in other people's mouths.

Task: Make Shelbyville Manhattan Swab Mouths for DNA Samples
Time: 4h
Location: Town Hall or Brown House
Task: Make Springfielders Get Swabbed [x10]
Time: 1h
Location: Town Hall or Brown House

Professor Frink: The results are in: I'm sorry, but you have NO LIVING RELATIVES.
Shelbyville Manhattan: Nooo!
Professor Frink: Also, you tested positive for Male Pattern Baldness.
Shelbyville Manhattan: NOOOOO!

The Manhattan Project Pt. 5

Shelbyville Manhattan starts

Shelbyville Manhattan: Well, the dream is over. I'll just have to settle for a non-cousin “normy”.
Miss Hoover: I'm sorry, I don't mean to eavesdrop, but did you just say you were thinking of settling?
Miss Hoover: You know, I sort of have a thing for guys who are out of other options. The name's Miss Hoover.
Shelbyville Manhattan: *sigh* If only your last name was Manhattan, I'd be all up in that.
Shelbyville Manhattan: Wait a minute! Your name isn't Manhattan, but what if MINE was Hoover! Do you have any uncles?
Miss Hoover: Yes, why?

Task: Make Shelbyville Get Adopted by Miss Hoover's Uncle So They Are Cousins
Time: 8h
Location: Town Hall or Brown House

Shelbyville Manhattan: Well, it surely was a long road to get here, but I've never felt more in love!
Miss Hoover: I love you too, Shelby, but do you have to bring your gun to bed?
Shelbyville Manhattan: Stop trying to control me and my gun! I think we should see other people.

Small World Problems Pt. 1

Auto starts

Jebediah Springfield: Hm. I don't know where I am but it sure smells familiar.
Martin: Wow! What an honor to meet our fair city's namesake!
Jebediah Springfield: Ah, so this is my beloved Springfield! So much has changed, yet so much is the same. I see the Wagon Wheel Fire is still going.
Homer: Oh, it's actually a Tire Fire now. That's what gives the sunset such a beautiful glow and why we're all lightheaded all the time.
Jebediah Springfield: Wow, rubber tires?! Such advances you've made! Well, thanks for keeping the place in order. I suppose I'll take my rightful place as mayor now.
Quimby: Er, uh, hold on a second there, hoss. We already have a mayor, and I was elected by the citizens of this town… some of them still living.
Jebediah Springfield: Then… what am I to do? Surely you won't turn me out onto the street! That'd be like abandoning a soldier after he returns from war!
Quimby: ...

Task: Make Jebediah Springfield Sleep Behind the Kwik-E-Mart
Time: 12h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart

Small World Problems Pt. 2

Auto starts

Jebediah Springfield: Is this my life now? That of a destitute beggar?
Jebediah Springfield: I wish I'd never been born and founded this town and named it after myself!
Martin: It pains my ears to hear an idol of mine speak with such glower. Especially one who is known for his silver tongue!
Jebediah Springfield: You're right, chubby little boy! That tongue will be my salvation.
Martin: How heroic! You'll win your fortune using only your skills of oration!
Jebediah Springfield: No, I meant it literally.

Task: Make Jebediah Springfield Sell His Silver Tongue
Time: 1h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart

Jebediah Springfield: This new rubber tongue made out of recycled Tire Fire tires is actually a lot better than that old silver one.
Jebediah Springfield: I don't lisp anymore when I say phrases like “The silver in my old tongue was slowly poisoning me.”

Small World Problems Pt. 3

Auto starts

Jebediah Springfield: Now that I've got some walking around money, I think I'll do some walking around.
Jebediah Springfield: Springfield Tire Fire… Springfield Retirement Castle… Springfield Box Factory… Springfield Spring & Field… my name's all over this town.
Martin: Now you know the pride our citizenry feels each and every day!
Jebediah Springfield: I don't feel pride -- I feel ripped off! They're using my name and likeness on every sign!
Jebediah Springfield: I'm going to use my precious tongue money to hire a lawyer and sue this craphole town. It's my name and I want a taste of the action!

Task: Make Jebediah Springfield Sue Springfield for Copyright Infringement
Time: 12h
Location: Court House, Town Hall or Brown House

Blue Haired Lawyer: I've never seen a client purposely be held in contempt of court so he had a place to sleep at night, but you won the case!
Blue Haired Lawyer: You now get royalties whenever your name or image is used.

Small World Problems Pt. 4

Auto starts

Jebediah Springfield: Now to collect what's coming to me.
Martin: Will you be reinvesting your money in the community?
Jebediah Springfield: Ha! Don't make me laugh!
Jebediah Springfield: Seriously, don't make me laugh. I'm 250 years old and my lungs are very brittle. I shouldn't even be walking right now.

Task: Make Jebediah Springfield Collect His Likeness Royalties
Time: 8h
Location: Town Hall or Brown House

Jebediah Springfield: What the?! I OWE people money!
Jebediah Springfield: The Springfield Police Department is in the red, Springfield Elementary has debts all over town...
Jebediah Springfield: And the Springfield Shopper Building is just made of stacked up old newspapers!
Jebediah Springfield: Curse the name Springfield! I should've stuck with the name Hans Sprungfeld!

We Meet At Last

George Washington starts

George Washington: Well, if it isn't my lifelong nemesis, old What's-His-Face.
Jebediah Springfield: You know my name, George! It's Jebediah Springfield. Perhaps you noticed this city is named after me.
George Washington: Pff, a “city.” I've got a whole STATE named after me. And some universities, the capital, Denzel…
Jebediah Springfield: I doubt they'd be so eager to name things after you if they knew your deep dark secret…
Jebediah Springfield: That it wasn't YOU who chopped down your fabled cherry tree -- it was ME!
George Washington: But I was covering for you, you jerk!
Jebediah Springfield: And then you lied about not being able to tell a lie -- that's twice as bad!
George Washington: Curse you, Jebediah! The next thing I chop down will be you!

Task: Make Jebediah Springfield Hide From George Washington
Time: 10h
Location: Brown House

Statue of Liberties

Auto starts

Shelbyville Manhattan: Look at this magnificent statue of me. Such attention to detail.
Marge: They really captured your pioneering spirit!
Shelbyville Manhattan: Yes, not to mention my pervy smile and leering eyes.
Shelbyville Manhattan: And every last curve of my beautiful, voluptuous cousins.
Marge: I'm sorry, did you say “cousins”?
Shelbyville Manhattan: Yes. My relatives, kin, almost-sisters. You know, the people you marry.
Marge: I'm sorry, Mr. Manhattan, but these days that sort of behavior is looked down upon. And is illegal.
Cletus: Don't worry, feller, not everyone in this town is against your ideas. My family welcomes ya with open arms!
Shelbyville Manhattan: That's exactly how I used to welcome my cousins!

Act of Aggression

After completing The Manhattan Project Pt. 5 and Small World Problems Pt. 4
Shelbyville Manhattan starts

Shelbyville Manhattan: Jeb…
Jebediah Springfield: Shelby…
Shelbyville Manhattan: So… are we… ghosts?
Jebediah Springfield: I don't rightly know. Perhaps this is heaven?
Shelbyville Manhattan: Pfff! Heaven?! That is a hearty laugh, sir! This place is a dung heap!
Jebediah Springfield: It's not that bad!
Shelbyville Manhattan: Says the guy it's named after.
Shelbyville Manhattan: I'll give you purgatory MAYBE, but heaven? I don't think so. This is hell.
Jebediah Springfield: I'll send you to hell!

Task: Make Jebediah Springfield Quarrel
Time: 4h
Location: Brown House
Requires: Shelbyville Manhattan

Shelbyville Manhattan: I'm too old to quarrel.
Jebediah Springfield: You're right, this is hell…

It's What You Do With It

After completing Act of Aggression
Auto starts

Jebediah Springfield: Must we always quarrel?
Shelbyville Manhattan: No we mustn't! Now put up your fists!
Jebediah Springfield: I thought we buried the hatchet those many years ago.
Shelbyville Manhattan: Yes, where did we bury that hatchet. I would love to kill you with it.

Task: Make the Founders Search for Their Buried Hatchet
Time: 4h
Location: Brown House

Shelbyville Manhattan: We should have marked where we buried it.
Jebediah Springfield: I guess we'll just have to find a different hatchet, bury that, and agree to be friends.
Shelbyville Manhattan: Deal.
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  • You are as much of a gift of the game as a pack of donuts LPN.. thank you for everything you do. :)
  • This is out now. Relax, not a spoiler.
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  • this is released?
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  • No not for me, when this starts? ???
  • Just wish unreleased content pulled from the game files was labeled as SPOILER.

    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • No not for me, when this starts? ???

    when you buy the donut bundles
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  • simp7fan wrote: »
    This is out now. Relax, not a spoiler.

    For people that can afford to spend $185 :/

  • No not for me, when this starts? ???

    If you want to spend $185.
  • Just wish unreleased content pulled from the game files was labeled as SPOILER.


    Yo "chief"

    Wow, just WOW.

    I just wish people who had no idea what they are talking about would not try to be a forum crusader.

    This is all in game RELEASED and has been since this afternoon!

  • Thx, just bought the characters ;-)
  • If you want to spend $185.
    This does say "premium". Premium means that it costs money, whether directly (cash money) or indirectly (donuts). Feel free to start or add to a thread voicing your opposition to this practice. This ain't the right thread for that, though.
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  • If you already bought the donuts it's kind of **** to offer this afterwards. Hopefully it will come out eventually for everyone else
  • If you already bought the donuts it's kind of **** to offer this afterwards. Hopefully it will come out eventually for everyone else

    since it's permanent i hiiiiiiiighly doubt it
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  • If you already bought the donuts it's kind of **** to offer this afterwards. Hopefully it will come out eventually for everyone else

    since it's permanent i hiiiiiiiighly doubt it

    Ummm maybe this is how it reads for now, but thinking about it, should EA want to follow this (hopefully not so successful) route, people who have brought all the combinations will run out of stuff as bonus - which means, they will eventually need to add more stuff to it?

    It is very unfair for people who do not want to spend that amount of cash in the game. I used to but no longer because it is not delivering. I don't mind to buy my characters using the old method and NOT have this packaged.

    Long tine players will agree with me that EA's abaility to retain us has gone down the drain. I know it is not a place for me to rant on this topic, but I get absolutely nothing with those reward points since i have purchased everything. Yes, everything that was reliased previously with cash/donuts (that I have paid for)...

    Not cool EA. You just need to get some means other then donut purchase for people to get these.

    This is very short sighted too.,. What happens when you want to release something else? Do you get back tho square one with the wheel or this so called 'reward' system where people are not sure as to what to get?

    Think EA.. think....
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