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Level Up Question

I have a friend that has recently started playing the game and has quickly become addicted lol she wants to know the best/quickest way or ways to level up. Can anybody help her with this?


  • I think the best way is building extra Kwik-E-Marts with spare cash, sell and repeat. The payout is great even without running the XP collider (up to a maximum of 17 Kwik-E-Marts at a time, but newer players should probably focus on a smaller number anyway, to preserve cash). Also try to accumulate houses or any craftable buildings that pay cash and XP (sadly none available in this event).
  • Keep in mind that rushing up the levels doesn't help all that much. A lot of the stuff you unlock as you level up actually requires you to complete the quests first, so you should focus on doing that first. After that, it's mostly a matter of earning money to buy stuff- XP comes naturally with it. Unfortunately, house farming isn't really an option anymore. Just clear your buildings regularly and keep sending people on tasks - the shortest that fit your schedule, the better.

    Premium characters and premium decorations (with % multiplier) can also make a big difference. Since we have basically non-stop events now, it's worth paying attention to those and getting any bonuts you can get.
  • The xp collider doesnt unlock till level 20 anyway
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