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What did you get in your Mystery Gifts?


  • I had four items in my platinum box and my personal ranking was: Sophie, Bear Cave, Monorail, Slide Factory. First I got the Slide Factory but then Sophie. I'm happy. Nice feature anyway, hope there will be more of these mystery gifts.
  • SatansHockey
    113 posts Member
    edited January 2017
    I just cashed in my last platinum, I wanted Epcot but got the slide factory. Happy I got Sophie at least on my first try, also got scrooge burns on my first silver. I may try for one more silver prize as well but I'll have to use some donuts.
  • Wow i am really lucky, I got costingtons!
  • Almost nothing :(
    I wanted Animal shelter, Fort Sensible, Sophie, North Pole Station, Costington, Bear Cave or any building...
    And i got: first call 1000 Plow King, second call 2000 the Yes Guy, third call 1000 Ebenezer Burns... :#
  • stinkbugger
    1984 posts Member
    edited January 2017
    Ugh, just opened what will probably be my last gift.
    I got.... Ebenezer Burns :( How disappointing.

    (choices were Helter Shelter, Fort Sensible, Animal Shelter, and Ebenezer Burns)

    (the back and forth trick didn't work)

    Final tally: Raccoon, Sophie, North Pole Station, Ebenezer Burns
  • I Got Bear Cave, Slide Factory, North Pole Station and Constington. In my b town I got Raccoon And Ebenezer Burns
  • Ended the event with Victor's Secret, Sophie and Slide Factory. Happy with my haul and looking forward to something similar next year for another chance to catch up on things that have passed me by.
  • cvax7
    249 posts Member
    Just opened another Gold box and I got Chocolate Shoppe.
    From other boxes i got: Helter Shelter, Mrs.Sinclair and Springfield Mall.
  • Nothing, zilch, zip, nada. I didn't get any boxes.
  • Got a silver box yesterday and got abercrombie and rich
    We'll chew this planet up and spit it out!
  • Just opened my last platinum box for the event...

    Final tally ended up with Animal Shelter, Bear Cave, North Pole Station and Sophie

    Spent some donuts on Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers and donuts for tickets, but all in all I recouped the donuts spent with donuts earned from the xp collider
  • Got the Tropical Island with my last Silver. Meh, it was my last choice. I would have enjoyed Ebenezer Burns, the money fight animation is pretty funny.
  • I ended up with the Bear Cave and the North Pole Station.

    I really wanted Sophie, so hopefully they will offer her again soon.
  • Final score.

    Opened 1 silver box, got animal shelter, wanted helter shelter.

    Opened 4 platinum boxes (clearing them) got Sophie, costingtons, North Pole station and the slide factory. Only one I didn't want was the NP station. Not bad for the 200 donuts I spent.
  • Just opened my last box..And got the raccoon :smiley: I still have this left not sure if worth the 50D to open at least one more Nvt0OVH.png
  • Hi guys! The event is ending now, and I was in time to open a second silvery box too. I got the lamest stuff ever!

    1st: I got the snow plough - very useful.
    2nd: I got a f*n billboard saying "Christmas clams"

    No building, no character, just to lame objects lying around.
    I am upset, because there is no way these are worth 50 donuts. Not even the two combined. The billboard is so small, I couldn't find it the next timee I opened the game.
    At least you got something mildly interesting.
  • *First Silver (accidental purchase) - Animal Shelter. Only thing I needed still in Silver.
    *First Platinum - Sophie. My first preference, yay!!
    *Second Platinum - N.Pole Station. My second preference!!

    Done now, only have premium buildings I wasn't interested in left. (Had everything that was free or prizes in previous tears)
  • girl22721
    1162 posts Member
    edited January 2017
    Redeemed my remaining tickets against the North Pole Station.

    Tickets: 11999

    Gifts: Tropical Island, Sophie, Slide Factory, Bear Cave, The Yes Guy, Costingtons, North Pole Station
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  • I was a wee bit disappointed I didn't get to finish crafting (to get Dunk a Monk I could have used donuts to finish it but I fell asleep)

    but getting Sophie made up for it, its really cool. I also got the Victor's Secret!
  • Yes Guy, Slide Factory.

    (Then bought Murderhorn, Elf House (2x)) and got..


    (Then spend an additional 7 donuts on silver box and got)

    Hester Shelter.

    Not great, not bad. Overall, I am happy.
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