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Murderhorn plus 2 mystery box items worth it?

Hoping someone can help. I have 330 donuts and i kind of like the murderhorn, but not dying for it. I also have just over 1500 mystery item tickets so if I buy the murderhorn i will have enough for a silver and platinum mysyery item. Would any of you say that 150 donuts would justify the murderhorn and a silver and platinum item. Bearing in mind I'm happy with whatever items i get from the mystery boxes. Or would you say this is a bad deal.

If i dont buy the murderhorn i can get a silver or gold item, which again is ok for me. I also eventually want to get frinks lab and Kamp krusty. Thanks for any help.


  • I bought the Murderhorn this event for the tickets. On it's own I'd say it's meh, but for the price with 2 mystery boxes it's worth it. I like it, but there are no visual tasks on it. Just a 20-hour task for Homer to climb it. However, I am happy with it since I basically got a mystery box item for free.
  • I specifically bought the Muderhorn for tickets too. I regretted not getting last time it was offered and was envious when I saw it in my friends town. Now I have it and I love it.
    I ended up winning the bear cave, which turned out to be a win/win.
  • evant13579
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    edited January 2017
    if you want the muderhorn get it, if not i would save the donuts for a bit longer ;)
    new characters coming out over next week
  • Thanks. I decided to go for it, found somewhere to squeeze it in.
  • I knew the Murdeehorn probably wasn't "worth it" as far as maxing out conformity %/earning income/XP, but I just really like the way it looks.
    I'm super happy with my purchase, and the extra vouchers allowed me to secure Sophie out of the mystery box. Win win win.
  • I don't find it a particularly interesting decoration however the bonus % is good and the quest dialogue is amongst the most amusing in the game. I got it for the bonus % and the tickets. Think that Homer's 20hour task disappears once you've finished the quest.
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